100 Things

Here is a list of things, both big and small, long- and short-term that I want to someday be able to say "I've done that".

  1. Get one of my photos shown in a gallery
  2. Manage to do the splits again
  3. Whitewater raft down a river
  4. Climb Kilimanjaro
  5. Learn to speak German
  6. Swim 100 meters in a pool without stopping
  7. Taste the water of all 5 oceans (need the Arctic and Southern)
  8. Step on all 7 continents (need Antartica)
  9. Visit all 50 US states (I'm at 40 - I need Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, North Dakota, South Carolina, Connecticut and Rhode Island)
  10. Visit 10 Canadian provinces (5 done, still need BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland)
  11. Visit 30 different countries (19 done: United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Botswana, France, Turkey, Fiji, New Zealand)
  12. (4/4/14) Be in a play
  13. Serve food at a meal kitchen
  14. Ride the train up Jungfrau
  15. Successfully navigate a hedge labyrinth
  16. Spend a night in a lighthouse
  17. Own a cool car (read: not a momobile)
  18. Write a book
  19. (11/6/10) Hold a rummage sale
  20. Camp in the Grand Canyon
  21. Watch the Kentucky Derby in person wearing a big hat
  22. (5/17/10) Take my picture in the Cloud Gate ball in Chicago's Millennium Park
  23. (4/18/14) Go to the top of the Willis Tower
  24. (5/18/10) Eat at Xoco
  25. Visit the observation deck at the Shanghai World Finance Center
  26. Take a cooking class with a famous chef
  27. Deep sea fish
  28. (5/30/10) Hide a geocache of my own
  29. Play in a softball league
  30. (12/28/13) Watch Casablanca
  31. Take a photography class
  32. Spend Easter at the Vatican
  33. (08/14) Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  34. (4/17/11) Take C-man camping
  35. (4/22/11) Soak in hot springs
  36. Build an exercise room in the basement
  37. Take a boat trip through Bangkok’s floating market
  38. Own a Vespa
  39. (10/13/10) Eat an apple from a tree I planted
  40. Hike on the Appalachian Trail
  41. Throw my arthritis into remission
  42. (5/5/10 - 11Start and finish Project 365 
  43. Spend a birthday on the top of a mountain
  44. See the Olympics
  45. (4/2/13) Take a Turkish mud bath
  46. Renew my wedding vows with Beerman
  47. Learn to flamenco dance
  48. Gather lavender from a Provence field
  49. Sail the Aegean Sea
  50. Drink water from the Lourdes sanctuary
  51. Host an outdoor party with white Christmas lights everywhere
  52. Make a pie from berries I pick
  53. Be a nude model for an art class
  54. Take part as a guerrilla gardener
  55. Build a gallery wall in my house for any family artwork
  56. (03/14) Become a certified beekeeper
  57. Own a place in Switzerland
  58. See a World Cup game in person
  59. (3/27/13) Take my child to a foreign country
  60. (6/24/10) Get First Stage theater season tickets for the family
  61. Bathe in the Dead Sea
  62. (3/2/13) Photograph the Eiffel Tower
  63. Learn to tie 12 intricate Boy Scout knots
  64. Tiptoe through the Dutch tulips in May
  65. Take an Indian cooking class
  66. (11/14) Harvest my own honey
  67. Learn how to tile a floor
  68. Cruise the Nile
  69. Find Great Grandpa Salzmann’s boyhood home in Moutier, Switzerland
  70. (4/28/11) Take a meditation class
  71. Visit an Ashram
  72. Spend a weekend on a houseboat
  73. Send in a postcard to PostSecret
  74. Eat roasted corn with mayo and chile powder from a street vendor in Mexico
  75. (4/10/16) Visit Nautilus Estate vineyard
  76. (06/15) Learn to make apple strudel
  77. Live in another country
  78. Learn to sail a boat
  79. Ride the Eye in London
  80. Go meatless for 30 days
  81. Eat at Felidia
  82. Haggle at a bazaar in Turkey
  83. (3/31/13) Be in two continents at the same time
  84. (3/31/13) Visit the Hagia Sophia
  85. Attend services at a Jewish temple
  86. Go 30 days without eating out
  87. (4/20/11) Ride in a hot air balloon
  88. See a fjord
  89. Learn to snowboard well
  90. Eat a paczki in Poland
  91. Learn to play the guitar
  92. Read 10 classic books I’ve never read
  93. Enter something into the Wisconsin State Fair
  94. (11/20/10) Take a cake decorating class
  95. Learn how to properly use knives
  96. Lay on the virgin’s altar on Machu Picchu (and laugh and laugh and laugh)
  97. Ride a train across a country
  98. Photograph Loy Krathong
  99. Drive a car over 100 mph
  100. Sell my photos