December 31, 2009

Year in Review

We started this year on such a sad note, when we lost our sweet, sweet dog Riley to bone cancer in January. I miss him every single day.In February, we found a love for soccer. In March, I got a 4 year old. And started Boot Camp in my quest to get lean and fit, and thought I was going to die in the process. April brought the return of baseball to our lives. While May was packed to the gills, as it always is, with family get-togethers my 33rd birthday (which I never thought I'd see) which brought me a present of the best camera I've ever owned a great Mothers' Day of geocaching and a lovely 8th anniversary with friends in wine country. The entrance of June meant the official start of t-ball cheering and teaching a 4-year old how to wear glasses. July brought, of course, fireworks that "sounded like bubble wrap" A new job. Gorgeous summer afternoons fighting the "whales" at the beach And a celebration of losing 20 pounds after months of getting up at 4:30 a.m. each day. August was, of course, filled with the fair and family reunions and zoo trips a miraculous end to the never-ending roof project! and a start to football season. While September brought us a school-aged kid. It also meant I got to experience my very first trip to Europe to party through Oktoberfest fall IRREVOCABLY in love with all the sweetness that is Switzerland and check HIM off my list. In October I said goodbye to an old, trusted, red friend Carved pumpkins and got some candy. While November meant once again walking in the Jingle Bell Run/Walk and our first parent-teacher conference. December brought beautiful wintry days, as Decembers tend to do which meant nice walks in Doctors ParkBut December also meant family Christmases complete with sleigh ridesa of course Santa. The passing of each year is always bittersweet to me. I'm always so glad to leave the past behind and forge into the future. But 2009 has left me with a few things still uncrossed off my list that I now have left to do in 2010. In the end, I think that's okay. Because overwhelmingly, "growth" was my word for 2009. And that's a pretty good thing.

May you and your family get much health and happiness in 2010. And I say, bring it on.


PS - Happy 10 years together, sweetheart!

December 30, 2009

The Best of...

Now that Oprah's putting herself out of business, I'm taking over the Best of series. Well for today, anyway. Best new drink: Hot chocolate from Cafe Sprungli
Best weekend breakfast: Cafe Hollander
Best summer fun: Doctor's Park beach
Best new place to become a regular at: Community Bark
Best physical accomplishment: Running a mile in under 9 minutes
Best photo of 2010: Christmas Kiss
Best vacation destination: Luzern, Switzerland
Best toiletry item: Dead Sea Mud Soap
Best book: City of Thieves
Best book series: Gabriel Allon
Best TV series I finally watched all of via Netflix: The Shield
Best movie I watched (and I'm not ashamed to say so): The Hangover
Best ending to something: the roofing project

December 29, 2009

Snowflake catching

Some things never change... 2007 2009

December 28, 2009