October 30, 2015

Last weekend of crazy... maybe...

We have another over-scheduled weekend ahead of us - parties and football and parties. I'm still hoping to be able to clean up the house and feel like I can even breathe without bumping into the clutter that's accumulated in every corner. That includes all the honey boxes I brought home to take account of, and new bottles. (More bottles were delivered today, so I should wrap that up tonight for the season.) All great stuff, just time consuming and necessary. As much as I love it, I'm really looking forward to a sports-free, travel-free November.

October 29, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. There's one football game left to C-man's season. And then it's on to wrestling.
  2. C-man has sinus infection. I was debating whether to take him in to the doctor, but got an appointment when he said he was feeling worse. His eyes were totally bloodshot when I got him from school.
  3. Antibiotics for the win.
  4. We have Trick or Treat at work today. For adults.
  5. I'm not kidding. I had to buy candy and have to stand in my cube handing it out to other adults with whom I work.
  6. In Beerman's words, "Oh God, I would hate that."
  7. The weekend is almost here. I feel like I need this one more than I've needed one in a while.
  8. My house is filthy.
  9. But my honey is harvested. Well, one super of it. I'm going to take one super back to the bees. I don't need it, and I just feel bad taking it.
  10. I ran out of bottles to bottle what I did take. The new bottles should come tomorrow. Then I'll be done with honey for the season.
  11. Which is good, because I have a big honey splotch on my pants today. Apparently I got it while cleaning up this morning. Damn.
  12. I think I'm the only person in the universe not in love with Adele's new song. Just stop whining, already.
  13. The new James Bond movie, Spectre, comes out next weekend. Ohmagawd, I cannot wait!!!

October 27, 2015

Tuesday 10

  1. I am fighting off being sick. And I have lost all patience when horribly sick people come to work.
  2. I completely lost my shit on someone this morning, who when I said she should go home because she has strep, told me that she HAS to be at work. I'm her boss.
  3. How is your time and health more important than mine? And for that matter, my family's? Because once you get me sick, I drag that nonsense home.
  4. I should have stayed home, because I am not patient today.
  5. On a less ornery note, Halloween is this weekend. Everyone has their costumes ready.
  6. I still do not understand Beerman's costume at all. But anything that involves a White Chicks hat and a Rusty Wallace shirt is going to escape my understanding, I suppose.
  7. My phone did a factory reboot this weekend. It's a work phone that can't be backed up on the cloud. I lost a couple of videos of Harry. That made me sad.
  8. Our resort in Mana, Fiji informed us we are unbooked because they are going to film a reality show there. So now we've got to figure that out. A first world problem, for sure.
  9. I've been considering the writing a book in November thing again. I may even have a topic to go with. Now to commit to doing it.
  10. Is it Friday yet?

October 26, 2015

And it's Monday

Ugh. I'm getting sick. My throat is sore and I feel like garbage. And an employee, who I told repeatedly to go home, has informed me she finally went into the doctor and has strep. This had better not be strep! C-man is getting sick too. Damnit. I hate that. Whine, whine, whine.

In other news, I mostly put my bees to bed for the winter. I think I'll add some fondant around Thanksgiving for security. I have harvested about half the supers I pulled off. Maybe I'll do the other half tonight. We'll see what I'm up for.

October 24, 2015

One of those kinds of games

There are good days and off days. Today was definitely the latter for today's KnightCats. They were playing an undefeated team, but definitely were better than the turnovers and errors they made. And to add insult to injury, it was cold and windy and, at times, rainy. Thank goodness there's another week of this to go out on a high note.

So now, I'm going to build my beehive quilts, and hang out in jammy pants.

October 23, 2015

Home Again

I'm finally home from my week in New York City. The weather was fantastic, which meant that once my work stuff was over, walking around was a great option each day. I got to wander a good part of Central Park and the High Line Park - both places that give me great joy. I had a little lunch in Chelsea Market, visited a few camera stores I'd been wanting to see to price out a camera I'm really wanting, ate a couple of chocolate croissants, and took some photos. I even saw 39 Steps, which was absolutely hysterical (Hitchcock spoof of about 150 roles played by 4 people). It was a nice trip, and even the work stuff was good.

But now, it's time to do home stuff - clean up the house, watch some football, get my winterized stuff ready for my bees so I can hopefully put that on this weekend, and maybe get our family photo taken. But that's ambitious, I suppose, so we'll see what I get actually to. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

October 20, 2015

Heading out

I'm flying out to NYC today for a conference. I'm back on Friday. I have tickets for 39 Steps tomorrow night - 4 actors and 150 roles. It should be amazing. I'm taking my camera and skipping the group dinners at night. I've got all the tourist shots of NYC, so I'm going to see what I can find this time around. See you later!

October 19, 2015

6 and 0

It was a long, nail biter of a day spent at Lambeau Field. C-man took a friend from the football team, and they had a total blast. The weather was perfectly Fall. And while, to C-man's great sadness, Lacy didn't play much - the Packers got the W in a critical Defensive fashion. It was an ending eerily similar to the boys' own game from the previous day.

It was a day of laughs and smiles and lots of beating on each other. Good times.

And now, Monday.

October 17, 2015

Another football of a weekend

It was a cold day, but it warmed up just fine once the football started. C-man was a bit on a tear with his tackling ways. Which was great, because this was a tough team and a real nail biter of a game. But the KnightCats came out ahead 20 - 13, and all was well.

And now, we rest up until tomorrow's Packers game against the Chargers. Go Pack Go!

October 16, 2015


  • I've got our Christmas Card figured out. This is early, so I'm incredibly happy to have settled on something.
  • Now to get the boys to cooperate. Although, as long as it isn't serious, that doesn't seem to be a problem.
  • C-man has a game in Greenfield tomorrow. It's supposed to be cold. Yuk.
  • But that means it's The Waterboy Friday.
  • Then it's Packers v Chargers on Sunday. At least it's supposed to be 50 at kickoff.
  • We're taking C-man's friend from the football and wrestling team. I always worry more when it isn't my kid. Let's hope it's a good game.
  • I'm picking up the DVD to my play today. I don't know if I can bear to watch myself. But at least it'll be nice to have if someday I decide I do want to see it.
  • As crazy as the weekend will be, I'm really happy it's here. How long until I can retire?

October 15, 2015

One of those days

I have a pounding headache. It started on my drive into work. Ugh.

October 14, 2015


I've been taking a lot of deep breaths and just getting through it recently. Talking myself up enough just to get by. Gosh, I hate living like that.

So I'm going to do one of my bright side moments, and think about the good things - the positive experiences I've had. Because when I truly sit down and think about what makes me smile, it's always the experiences. Which is why I've always tried to focus on experiences over things. It's something I need to go back to thinking more consciously about, because it really is what brings me happiness. And if I'm being honest, I've had a lot of experiences in my 39 years.

I'm someone who has smoked a cigar with my husband in Havana... Eaten cherry ice cream with my son in Istanbul... Acted in plays... Jumped off a cliff with a hang glider I'd only met 10 minutes prior in Brazil... Learned to play instruments... Taught a non-English speaking Austrian woman to knit on a train in Germany... Gotten kicked out of a sumo stable in Tokyo... Camped outside on my own...

Experiences make me happy.

October 13, 2015

So it's Tuesday

  • The email came out to sign up for wrestling. Dear God, is there never a break?
  • There continue to be reports of a Miller-Bud merger/buyout. No word on what it means, but oh boy. Here we go again.
  • A while ago, we were geocaching, and something bit/stung me in the finger. My finger still hurts and is numb. That sucks.
  • My arthritis has been kicking in pretty hard again. I guess to remind me it's still here? Man, I hate fall.
  • I've decided I need to start doing yoga seriously. This has to happen.
  • I'm going to be in New York City next week. I'm really looking forward to taking some photos.
  • It's good to look forward to something. I need to do more of that. It keeps me happy.

October 12, 2015

On being bored

I'm restless again. Maybe it's the change of season. Maybe it's that I don't have every millisecond of my life scheduled now that the play is done. Maybe it's that I just hit 9 years at my job that doesn't really inspire me.

But I'm restless. I need some change. I'm craving it, actually. I need to figure something out without stressing myself out. And therein lies the problem. But I hate being bored. And I'm bored. This is not how I want to be. Time to think it out.

October 11, 2015

What a weekend

Wow, what a weekend. We set up for Fall Fest on Friday. C-man had a great game on Saturday. He didn't get any sacks, but held his own and they won 40 - 0. And then Saturday night was Fall Fest - 30-ish people under a tent with loads of food and drink, and a big screen showing of the Great Outdoors. And today, we relax as we clean up and watch the Packers, and I edit through game photos. I'm exhausted.

October 8, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Southwest will let you book a flight through April 11th. We need return tickets from LA on April 12th. Come on, darnit! I want my tickets bought!
  2. Everyone around me seems to be sick. I've been doing my best to not catch anything. I cannot get sick this early in the season.
  3. This weekend is C-man's last home football game. Let's hope it has a better result than last week.
  4. Saturday is also Fall Fest at the house. Beerman's at the nervous point, wondering how it's all going to get done.
  5. I have to clean the house. But since the kids are older, there are no crafts or specific games. Just kind of a 'go nuts' situation. Which makes it a bit easier.
  6. I'm still doing a half-day tomorrow to help out, since I have to work the concession stand for football on Saturday.
  7. Beasley is all groomed and clean. Somehow, I'm going to have to run him so he isn't a maniac with 17 kids there.
  8. C-man had to read Stone Fox for school. The dog dies in the end. He was devastated and said he cried in class. He also lamented that he was the only one who cried. We decided the other kids just don't have souls.
  9. It is quite sweet how impacted he is by animals and babies. It makes me smile.
  10. I'm planning on using Sunday as a giant nap day. In reality, it'll probably be a big cleanup day. But I really hope I squeeze in a nap.
  11. Because the following weekend, I need to go put my bees down for a long winter's nap. I'm hoping they're doing well, and I don't need to feed them.
  12. Which reminds me. I should order candy boards for feeding, just in case.
  13. Is it Sunday yet?

October 6, 2015

Time to stop

I'm getting restless. And weary. That's because they're the same side of the coin for me. It's October, and I don't feel like I've accomplished much this year. I've been incredibly busy, but it's all just melded together. I haven't stopped to smell the proverbial roses very often. No vacation, no checkpoint to stop and mark the life going on around me. It's just been a rush from one thing to another.

Part of this was intentional. I wasn't going to start any new hobbies this year because it was getting out of control. But in doing so, I feel like I didn't do not having hobbies a service either. Instead, we have moved through our days with no distinguishable features.

So now it all just feels like it lacks purpose. Busy without a reason except to check it off. Not really enjoyable. And I dislike that immensely.

I've got 3 months left of this year, and I'm going to slow down. Not in the speed at which we move, because unfortunately, we just have a lot going on. But I really want to think about my days more. I want to make things matter. I want to notice more around me.

Time to smell the roses. It's a good thing I've got so many lying around the house.

October 5, 2015

Monday stuff

Football didn't quite go the way the team wanted this weekend. The defense played well, but the offense couldn't move anything forward. It was the team's first loss since their very first game last year. Kind of a heartbreaker. C-man did well, however, held his spot, and popped through the line repeatedly. Unfortunately, they had him playing the side opposite the play went, so he couldn't get to the QB in time. Oh well, next week.

He was thrilled to have such a large audience of family, though. It definitely made him feel special.

As did I for my play. It meant a lot to have so much support.

But now the play is done. And while I'm thrilled, it was a bit bizarre to not rehearse my lines in the car on my way into work today. Maybe I can actually read a book again!

C-man's heel has been really hurting him. I looked up some stuff online, in addition to what Aunt Terry advised. So he's on Aleve, has heel cups for his shoes, and I taped him with K-tape. (Thank you youtube, and your helpful taping videos). Here's hoping it heals up. One article actually said, "This type of pain means you're growing too fast for your own good." He's two shoe sizes bigger than last season, has gained 11 pounds, and hasn't grown an inch. It seems like things are moving.

As are his teeth. He hadn't lost any for quite a while, and had two molars come out in a week. They're both on the right side, so he has a giant gap in his mouth. I told him he's one tooth loss away from owning a banjo.

My back is killing me. Stupid rain. Hopefully it gets it all out of its system before this weekend's Fall Fest! 40 people at the house for dinner and a movie - all outside under our tent.

October 4, 2015

On this side of things

The last piece of Rumors is a long speech/explanation by my play husband, Lenny. And last night, when he entered the stage to begin his long story, I thought to myself, "This is it!" And it was with an exclamation point. Not sadness, not fear, not regret, but happiness and relief.

It was a funny show. And for a small community theater group with day jobs and lives, we did it pretty well. I was so thrilled to have so many family and friends come to see it happen, and share the laughs. It was so satisfying to have C-man see me do this again. To have him see me put myself out there like we expect him to do. I was thrilled that I was able to take on the part of Claire, and still be able to hold my head high.

After, we went out to the local watering hole as a cast and crew. And it was 1 a.m. before I knew it, and realized I should probably get my butt home before I had more gimlets than I could handle. They are wonderful people. Funny, articulate, smart, interesting, and kind people. And I feel truly lucky to have been a part of this group.

But wow, am I pleased with myself to be on this side of it. And as everyone else was lamenting the theater and rehearsal withdrawals, and looking at which shows we could do next, I was secretly cheering inside.

Because it is done. Over. And now I can get back to a normal life at home that doesn't require juggling the babysitter times and when I'll have enough time to eat my next meal. I'm so relieved to have my life, and my family back.

You know, until next time...

October 2, 2015

It's here!

Last night was the last dress rehearsal of this play. Although, it was really just a show, because there were just as many people in the audience. They're just the cheap audience members, because it was a pay what you can night. (Technically a rehearsal, with no royalties paid)

But, it's showtime. It's finally here. Tonight and tomorrow, we've got the real deal. Thank goodness. Because I'm exhausted. My sister and nephew are coming tonight. I think some friends and co-workers are coming, too. Tomorrow, I've got Beerman and C-man, and maybe more family. Wow. When I put it like that, that's a lot of pressure. Guess I should run my lines!