May 29, 2007


What's gross? Having your dog eat a sock and then poop it out on the backyard grass. What's grosser than gross? Discovering that your dog ate and passed a sock while the lawn mower runs over it and spits it out. What's grossest of all? Watching your dog pounce on top of the sock and reingest it. I am living the dream. _________________________________________ Memorial Day weekend was nice. It was beautiful weather. We bought a new outdoor living furniture set and gazebo, which is nice. Beerman declared he never needed to assemble another item again in his life. We had dinner wiht our neighbors one night. We discovered that they want their kid to be our kid's playmate. They didn't say as much, but I'm pretty sure they want their kid to have a non-Jewish friend. How funny is that? We're the TOKEN! No geocaches this weekend, though. Just no time. I had to be to work by 6:30 this morning to set up for 80 interns starting today. Guess I need to get back to them.

May 26, 2007

Fix It

Will someone come and fix it? My gazebo needs rebuilding. My dishwasher needs replacing. My master bathroom has been out of commission over 2 years. When it rains, my backyard becomes a pool that I drained my savings account last summer to get rid of. And the house is a disaster. Ughh... help.

May 25, 2007

Summer Daze

I love half-days at work! I was going to immediately get C-man, and then I realized - by the time I got out of work, he'd be napping. So Mama went shoppin'. Sweet! So I went to Bayshore, got a couple of trendy-trend outfits. And the topper? I purchased a pair of white jelly shoes from a man who was wearing white eye shadow. Does it get any better than that? C-man should be waking up about now, so I'm off to go get him and go to the park near the construction site. It should be fun. Here's a photo we took at the Brewers game on my birthday. Classic...

May 24, 2007


So I take Beerman's car this morning, and it's on E. I remember there is cheaper gas on the way to work. (And since you have to take out a mortgage to fill up these days, 12 cents/gallon is significant!) So I stop. The problem? It's in the middle of the 'hood. I tried to pre-pay with my debit card, and I couldn't. I had to go in and show the attendant my ID was the same name as my debit card. As if that wasn't disturbing enough, I realized I wasn't just paying next to the row of candy bars, but in front of the large rack of nudie magazines when the guy behind me ordered USA red 100's. I think I'll pay the 12 cents in the future. Another disturbing item of my day... I bought a Snickers bar, and it's green inside. Apparently it's some Shrek promotion. But disturbing, nonetheless. My sciatic nerve is acting up really bad again. I can barely sit down, and I've been popping Advil like it's Starburst. So what's a girl to do but go out and drink with co-workers tonight? The plan is to go to a local wine bar. I need different friends in my life, so this should be good.

May 23, 2007

I Want A Baby Sister!

If this kid shouts it one more time, I'm moving out. I.Am.Not.Giving.Him.A.Baby.Sister...yet. Someday, maybe. For sure, not now. I am dreaming about the long weekend. Friday is a half-day at work (summer hours). I can't wait. I've got 40 things I want to do with it. Any thoughts helping me decide?

May 22, 2007


Today is beautiful, and I'm at work until 8 p.m. Life isn't fair. Last night I was awoken by my child sobbing. And not just any sobbing. It was inconsolable sobbing. All with the same message. "I want a baby sister!" I think Beerman has been conspiring. I'm exhausted. For our anniversary, we decided to get outdoor furniture to create an outdoor living space. I picked it up today, with my snazzy discount plus an additional 20% that I get. I can't wait to see it up under our gazebo. I love summer. For those who watched 24 last night, I'm sorry. This season blew. Jack needed to die when he dropped off that ladder. It would have been a fitting ending. For those lucky enough to watch the Idol final singing night, I don't want to hear about it. Life just isn't fair.

May 21, 2007

Talk Dirt To Me

Happy Monday. I actually don't hate them when I've had some sleep. Not being hungover like I was yesterday assists in my brighter mood too. What doesn't brighten my mood is that I have an interview from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. tomorrow night. WTF?!? It's the American Idol finale!!! This weekend I was enlightened to one of the greatest sports of all... LaCrosse. Now, after the whole Duke fiasco, it doesn't have the greatest reputation. But I'd always thought it was a pansy-ass East Coast sport like tennis. Wow, was I wrong! Do you know that while you have the ball, the entire other team is beating you up with their sticks? And not just in the "bread-box"... all over! It's fast-paced, vicious, and wicked-cool. I also did some fabulous gardening this weekend. I love putting my hands in the dirt and pulling up the big night crawlers. Good earth, fat worms. And Beerman put a fence around my perennial bunny feeders: arugula, dill and parsley. Take that you little greedy bastards! It's the season finale of 24 tonight. Will Jack save the world? Will they finally kill him in a way that is only befitting to Jack Bauer? Who will run the presidency next year? Oh, I can't wait.

May 20, 2007

Anniversaries, Hangovers, and Singing Debuts

We ended up getting a babysitter for our anniversary and going out to eat. Thankfully we walked, because the wine was pretty tasty! But I just don't recover like I used to. Whew! C-man had his singing debut in his daycare's church today. I don't know what's worse - that he stood there and didn't sing a single note, that I filmed it all, or that the pastor rambled on for well over an hour with a church full of 2 - 3 year olds! Can't win 'em all, I guess.

May 18, 2007

Woo hoo!

It's the weekend, and the weather is supposed to be fabulous. It's also our 6th wedding anniversary tomorrow. We have no plans, because we have no babysitter. I have to get my herbs and flowers in the ground. Beerman and I are going to buy some outdoor furniture for our anniversary. So I guess we have to actually go and get it. We might go see some friends Sunday night, too. And I'm sure we'll find a geocache or three. So I've got that going for me. Enjoy your weekend.

May 15, 2007

It's another day

"I love my Mommy because she sings songs, plays Bob the Builder in the den, climbs trees, and gives me treats." It's a good thing he's so sweet, because he broke my glasses for the 2nd time in 3 months this morning. UGH!! Another fine Tuesday. The warm weather has me feeling better about things. Man, I hate winter. I'm realizing this more and more each year. I need to move somewhere warm. The good thing about the warm weather is I can start geocaching on my lunch or on the way to work. Woo-hoo!

May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

I got to geocache for my present this morning. Pretty funny. I scored a pearl ring. Apparently Caleb picked it out himself. It's gold, and I don't have anything gold, so I now have an excuse. We did a couple of geocaches this morning after a breakfast of eggs. Then everyone took a nap and watched NASCAR. Sweet, redneck heaven. Then we went and got a couple of caches this evening. I planted my own travel bug. Now Beerman is at Outback picking up some greasy, fried goodness for dinner. Happy Mothers Day!

May 11, 2007


And that's all I've got to say about that.

May 10, 2007

Summer Hours

We got an e-mail today announcing summer work hours. One day a month we get out at noon on a Friday. Sweet Jesus, that sounds marvelous. May 25th is the first one, so I'll have an extra-long Memorial Day weekend. I forgot to post that we got our photo taken at the Brewers game the other night. Would you expect anything less of me than this photo... Yeah, we won't be ordering that one. Did the man not have a digital camera?!? At least the Brewers are on a tear, with my man JJ at the helm.

May 9, 2007

Give A Homeless Man A Pizza, Please!

Philip Workman was executed in Tennessee this morning. His last meal request? A pizza to be given to a homeless man. He was refused, because "Taxpayers don't allow us to donate to charity." How many things can we find wrong with this situation? If you don't agree, then maybe it's because I haven't mentioned that the ONLY witness to the "crime" was convicted of perjury and never truly saw the "crime" occur. At least justice has been served, right?

80 degrees out today and rainy. I got my drivers license renewed and a new picture taken. I have curly hair, and it's hot and humid. Perfect. I ended up looking like a deer in the headlights with an afro. But whatever. It's not like I get carded anymore anyway, so what am I worried about?

Mothers Day is this weekend. Half of me thinks I should spend it with my mother, and the other half thinks I should spend it completely and utterly alone reading a book. All of me is most likely going to spend it with my own family geocaching after a nice breakfast of eggs. Which is pretty darned good too. I should probably scope a few caches out in advance to get my gameplan down. We've been going for some harder ones lately, and I've been enjoying it immensely.

Speaking of Mothers Day, I need to send my mother-in-law her gift so it gets there on time. I hate the post office, though, so I'm sure I'll procrastinate, and then spend too much on going to the UPS store, having them packign it, and then shipping it overnight. I meant to do it today, but after the DMV (do I have to explain the time it takes at a ghetto DMV?) and the bank, I needed to get back to work. Maybe tomorrow.

May 8, 2007

Unsubscribe hell

I've decided to start unsubscribing to my spam to see if it helps. Man, it's a pain to do that. Every page that I get to by clicking unsubscribe puts me into the "register" page. I don't want to register! I want to get out of this spam hell! Didn't Congress pass laws about this?

May 7, 2007

Sunny Monday

Busy day. Glad I'm home. 24 is on tonight. Only 3 episodes left. Next weekend is Mothers Day. I love May.

May 6, 2007

To Rapids and Back

Whew, 6 hours in a car can be a drag. But, we went to my nephew's first communion. I'd be lying if I said going back into my childhood church didn't give me the cold sweats. I can't help it. That place still creeps me out. It was good to see the family though. I'd also be lying if I didn't say talk radio didn't give me a screaming headache. To try to drown it out, I attempted sleeping. That was foiled by Beerman not watching road signs and blowing past where we needed to go, and me trying to navigate our way back on course with an ancient road map. Then I tried to read the paper. However, that plan was foiled by Beerman commenting on the talk radio I was trying to drown out, at least every 5 minutes. I've taken 3 Advil, and it's just not getting any better. Can someone explain the point of talk radio anyhow? A bunch of yahoos blabbering on about absolutely NOTHING in an AM frequency, so it's complete with scratchy background noise. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! Anyhow, it's Sunday night. C-man's had a bath, spring is here, I got some pretty good birthday loot, and my family is pretty darned satisfying today. Enjoy your week.

May 5, 2007

It's my 31st birthday!

Happy birthday do me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birth-day to me-ee, Happy birthday to meeeee! After sleeping in, opening presents, and eating scrumptious cinnamon rolls, we went geocaching in Port Washington. While out, C-man picked some dandelions for me: We found all 3 geocache finds we were going for. Tonight we're heading to see the Brewers clobber the Pirates. Suppan is pitching - he's my favorite pitcher, so I'm very excited.

May 4, 2007

Tomorrow's My Birthday

I don't know what's more thrilling, that Bo Duke sold his car for almost $10 million, that Nebraska stayed the execution of its latest prisoner, or that tomorrow's my birthday. Okay, simple one, tomorrow's my birthday. My staff got me some great costume jewelry. Tomorrow we're heading to the Brewers game. Go Brewers Go! Enjoy your weekend, and if you haven't already done so, be sure to send your packages overnight so they get to me on time.

May 3, 2007

1 More Shopping Day...

...Until my birthday! Last chance to get your presents. There are still many beautiful items left to get.

May 2, 2007

Happy Birthday!

The polls are closed

I ordered C-man's pictures. I ordered #5, if you look on our website page. I've got 3 votes for #3, but when it's bigger, I can't see anything but his curled tongue. Plus, #5 is just darned cute. So thanks for those who voted. If you are immediate family, your copy will be in the mail shortly after I get them. If you're not immediate family, too bad. This cat's not made of money. :-) I went to a workshop this morning. I know I shouldn't, but I couldn't get over the fact that he was a poor speaker to listen to much of his message. The pitfall of being a trainer, I guess. Today is fabulously sunny out. I've got to stop on my way home and pick up some Mothers Day gifts. If anyone has any bright ideas for my mother-in-law, please tell me now! I also have to pick up my latest audiobook I've had sent to me from the library. I've been on a tear through this series. I highly recommend it. But anyhow, I need to get otu and enjoy the sunshine at some point, and it's not going to just be parking lot to car. The best news is this weekend is fabulous, so I'll be able to do some more geocaching. Yeah, baby!

May 1, 2007

May Day

Happy May Day! I'm not sure why we celebrated it as kids since it's a communist holiday. We usually marked the occassion by dropping flowers and candy at the neighbor's house. Fidel Castro didn't make it to his ceremony. Only his 3rd time ever. Interesting enough. In other news, W vetoed something. If there's a bigger idiot out there, I've yet to find him. Maybe my old boss, Cindy. It rightfully could be a tie. Beerman is working late tonight, so it's just C-man, the newly groomed dogs, and me. Fine by me. American Idol, pizza, a little laundry and to bed. Simple enough.