September 30, 2007

Beautiful Day

What a perfect day, weatherwise! We went geocaching in the Cedarburg area today. We went 4 for 4 and found some pretty great parks. C-man was loving the frogs and "crocodiles" in the water. (These days, everything is a crocodile to fight with his "swords" (sticks), since he's seen Peter Pan). My body actually hurts from yoga yesterday. Wow - I had a different instructor and it made a difference! I'm headache free, though, which is a big deal this week. So the UN finally decided to take notice of Myanmar. Useless... Work is going to be another round of craziness this week. Have a great one!

September 28, 2007

Holy Crrr-ap

What a week. I've been in work up to my eyeballs. Beerman has been coming home late every night because he has been too. Wow, it's been a LONG time since the weekend has looked this great. We went to the Brewers game last night. C-man only lasted until the 6th inning. Good thing, because it put us all out of our misery. In case you haven't been following the protests in Myanmar, this is an amazing blog about what's going on. I can't believe I'd be as brave as to put myself out there like this: Well, off to eat pizza and watch Finding Nemo with C-man.

September 22, 2007

Bust or Busted Up?

A day of a farmers market, Fox and the Hound and some (un)successful geocaching. We went 2 for 5. I got caught in a rose bush and completely ripped up my leg. Blood was everywhere. Damnit. It really hurts. I'd show a picture, but it's gross. Beerman and I are both still sick. C-man is up and running 100 mph like usual.

September 21, 2007


Oh my, it's FRIDAY! Here comes a weekend of recovery.

September 20, 2007

20 Minutes of C-man

This morning, Beerman and I were joking about what C-man will be when he grows up. I said, "Why do we always think he'll do something exciting and big? Chances are, he'll be an actuary or accountant, or something boring." So I got to his school today, and his teachers said, "C-man is going to be a lawyer some day. If he doesn't get what he wants, he goes from person to person badgering you." So okay, a lawyer or a door-to-door salesman. Tonight I told him it was bathtime. He said, "No Mommy, I have 20 minutes yet." Where'd he get THAT? I have a voice again, which is nice. Beerman is now sick, though. It figures.

September 19, 2007

Mrs. Monty Burns

Beerman has decided we should purchase Point Beach so we could be Mr. and Mrs. Burns. Anyone got a billion to loan us?

Shades of Green

I picked out a green shirt for the day. Appropriate, since now that I'm on antibiotics, I'm seeing all different shades of green. Nasty, but good to get rid of! I made it to work today, but whew, it's taking its toll. I have no interest in food. Interesting since I'm reading Peony In Love, and she starved herself, but anyhow, I won't be doing that. As soon as my throat doesn't feel like it has swallowed itself, I'll be back in business. Happy Hump Day!

September 18, 2007

I want to be healthy!!!

I'm home from work today again. I can barely swallow. Luckily it's not strep throat, but I'm still on 10 days of drugs for a sinus infection. Sitting up for more than a half hour gives me a splitting headache. I ate a donut this morning. That's pretty much it. Ugh... I want to be healthy! Back to the couch I go. I need a maid.

September 16, 2007

Put the Jack 'o Lanterns Away!

Okay, I'm passing on a Beerman rant. Look at the calendar. It's still summer. So if you have to buy your pumpkins, for God's sake, don't carve them up! It's going to be 80 degrees this week, and we will be forced to watch your kids' pumpkins wither and rot on your porch. So a little advice... put them away!

September 15, 2007

Sick -- Day 2

I now have a cat and a dog scratching around in my throat. C-man is still feeling like crap too. We made it to the farmers market for a churro and tamale. I've done a few loads of laundry. The good thing is we did manage to find a new geocache with my amazing new gps. I'm lovin' it.

September 14, 2007

Cat's got my throat

Wow, what a scratchy throat. I came home from work early. Beerman stayed home with C-man because he was one big ball of sweaty fever this morning. I had hoped to have a nice fun, outdoorsy weekend. Now, I just hope it's restful! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

September 13, 2007

Mom of the Year Award... Lost Again

I must be the only mom in the world begging her child to get off the toilet. God, that kid loves sitting there. Must be a guy thing. But I'm like, buddy, I want to go to bed! Enjoy your Friday!

September 12, 2007

Busy Week

I started yoga on Monday. Totally fabulous. I slept so great. Which is good, because last night I had book club with a new group. The book sucked, but the group seemed nice enough. But I had a coffee at 7 p.m. at night, which was a bad plan, especially when C-man was up barking all night and Beerman was up coughing all night. Ugh... I don't have anything planned for myself, so I'll be playing with my brand new slick-ass gps. It's soooo cool. That's sure to be this weekend's activity, since we haven't done it in ages. I can't wait until Monday yoga again! At least it'll give me something to look forward to on Mondays.

September 9, 2007

Oh my aching back!

Note to self: carrying C-man on your shoulders around a quarry does absolutely no good for your physical health. I hurt so bad today I can barely stand up. How soon can I start on those cancer-causing, infertility-inducing, pain-relieving meds? There's stuff spread all over the floor, and I can't even pick it up. Ugh... I'm ornery.

September 8, 2007

I'm Spent

What a busy day... whew... we're all going to sleep tonight!

September 7, 2007


Dozer Day, Village Picnic, Indian Summer Festival, mulch to put under the playset... we've got a jam-packed weekend in front of us!

September 6, 2007

Beerman's Web Debut

Click on Dr. David Ryder to see Beerman at work: To track my Garmin, follow this:

Elfin Crackers on the Loose!

I swear to God, I almost just got run over by a cart of Elfin Crackers. The vending machine guy wasn't looking where he was going, whipped around the corner, and the next thing you knew... I was flying through the air with Elfin Crackers flashing before my eyes. Here's hoping the Jolly Green Giant doesn't find me later today!

September 5, 2007

September 3, 2007

Behold! It is Done!

Double stained, double bolted, double hung, double rocks... it's done and over-done. Whew! Who knew it was this much work? I think Beerman will kill me if I mention another project anytime soon. Let the roof parties begin.

Old McDonald Had A Farm...

And on his farm he had a nugget. E-I-E-I-O! With an eat-eat-here and an eat-eat-there...

Do I have to go to work tomorrow?

Ish. I could use another week off. I think I should get one, considering our week off blew. The wedding was beautiful yesterday. I confirmed that I can't drink at all anymore, though. I feel ill with just one drink. Damnit! So that made it kind of not fun, since I was feeling ill after one Miller Lite and all. We went shopping for a new GPS today. I've decided I want an exterior antennae, color and downloadable capabilities. Getting C-man out of Cabela's was an interesting sport. ("Mommy! Look at that BIG FISH!") Getting him out of McDonalds playland was an even bigger job. His face broke out in a rash after eating the raw apples though. He didn't complain, but it's all rough and red where the apples touched. Great. He's got Beerman's food allergies. Enjoy your day off. Solidarity forever.

September 2, 2007

Wedding Bells

Happy wedding day, Lance and Robyn! Who knew THIS day would ever come?