March 31, 2015

Trifles and Notions

  • C-man's babysitter didn't show up on time yesterday. (He had a half-day. Because of course, you'd have a half-day on Monday when you have Friday and the following week off.) He texted me an hour after she was supposed to be there. I was so angry.
  • He'd already made himself lunch and watched a TV show before he felt it necessary to let me know he was home alone.
  • Beasley continues to integrate into the household. He has all of C-man's stuffed toys that are balls (basketball pillow, football pillow, nerf football) commandeered as his own now.
  • I can hardly believe we have next week off. It's so exciting.
  • I hope my beehives come so I can paint and set them up before the bees come.
  • The arthritis nonsense has been a real issue lately and doesn't seem to be improving. I can hardly move my shoulder. Bleh.
  • Baseball practice for the boys tonight. Hopefully Beasley and I can get out for a walk together.

March 30, 2015

So there you have it.

We spent our weekend at the State youth wrestling tournament. C-man was a spectator, with the broken finger and not qualifying and all. But he cheered on his teammates and got to see his good friend and sparring partner win the whole darned thing for his weight class. That was really cool. He also got to see 5 of the kids he'd wrestled compete, with 3 of them winning their brackets. So at least he knows what he has to do if he wants to be serious about this. I, of course, took a trillion photos with a lens I'd rented. You know, for when I have a spare $2000 to spend on a lens, I at least know I really like it.

So the wrestling season is over. It's a good thing baseball practices have started, or we wouldn't know what to do with our spare time.

C-man declared last night that Leprechauns and the Easter Bunny are not real. "Because I've been to the end of a rainbow, and there's nothing there. So Mom, can you just admit that you hide my basket? But don't worry, I'm still going to believe in Santa." Translation: I absolutely don't, but please continue to give me all those presents!

In other news, well, I don't have a lot of other news. My joints hurt, I've got a 4 day work week before spring break, and really if we're truthful, my brain is already there. So there you have it. Monday.

March 27, 2015


  • This photo was taken a while ago, and we don't have snow. But I did have to brush snow off my windshield this morning. Gack!
  • According to my order tracker, FedEx has my lens on its truck. I wish they'd give me a delivery window, because I have stuff to do and really don't want to wait around to sign for it.
  • Beasley is getting his first groom (as a Rysewyk) today. I'm curious to see how he does.
  • I sent in all the summer camp paperwork for C-man. And then they called to tell me I never sent in payment. Sometimes I'm a total idiot.
  • I'm so glad it's Friday. Hope your weekend is fantastic!

March 26, 2015


  • I'm so glad it's Thursday. I'm really exhausted.
  • But first, I need to get through work and Beasley to the park.
  • And a manicure
  • And a new drivers license
  • And a trip to the gym so I don't miss my 8 visits and have to pay for the month
  • And then, I'm sure it'll be food in front of the TV and Badgers game
  • Saturday is state wrestling, so it'll be our last tournament for the season. As much as I enjoyed C-man in wrestling, I'm really ready for it to be done.
  • Although it means I need to find other stuff to photograph
  • Baseball!

March 25, 2015

Hump Daaaaaaaaaay!

  • I've been waiting for my Amazon order to arrive. Upon further review, it was delivered to Petersburg, Virginia. FedEx fail again.
  • But Amazon is johnny on the spot about replacing it and getting it to me next day. Nice.
  • I rented a new lens for this weekend's state wrestling tournament. I'm so excited to use it because I really want this lens, but can't justify buying it yet. Let's just hope FedEx doesn't screw this one up, too.
  • I've been researching for our next trip. Probably next year when I move up a decade. Because what doesn't take the sting away from turning 40 like Hungarian wine?
  • Speaking of next trips, I'm also looking for a good place to stay in San Francisco this summer. I think I may try out AirBNB.
  • I was told I looked beautiful and refreshed this morning. Thank you Tramdol and a gallon of de-puffer concealer!
  • Beasley knocked the iPad over, so I can't see what he's doing today. Darn it.

March 24, 2015

I need warm sun on my face

  • I scraped my icy windshield this morning. Happy Spring.
  • I don't get Last Man on Earth. It's supposed to be funny, but almost everyone is dead from a virus. Except there are no dead bodies or animals anywhere. And the guy's a jerk and not funny.
  • My lower back has been crushingly painful lately. I hardly slept last night. It almost makes me want to go back to the rheumatologist. Almost.
  • I went through McDonalds this morning because I was weak. Remind me never to do that again. Bleh.
  • I continue to watch Beasley on the web cam. He's sleeping again. Yes, I am a little jealous.
  • I miss warm sun on my face. I really need warm sun on my face.

March 23, 2015


  • I feel like I'm going a million miles an hour and not getting anywhere. Picture Fred Flintstone and his car before it speeds ahead. That's me.
  • I continue to watch Beasley on the web cam. He is still sleeping by the door.
  • 10 wrestlers from C-man's club made it through to State. We're going to head to Madison Saturday morning to watch those who made it through Friday night and those who start on Saturday.
  • C-man was lamenting how sad he was to not have wrestled this weekend. Poor thing.
  • My allergies have kicked up into high gear. Not cool.
  • But hey, at least it's almost baseball season!

March 22, 2015

Cupcakes and a cast

Yesterday, we spent all day at the regionals wrestling tournament. C-man, of course, was not participating because of his casted hand. But he cheered and screwed around and ate cupcakes, which was a ton of fun. Dad was a little sad, because when we looked at C-man's bracket, he actually would have had a legitimate chance of getting through to the state tournament. But what can you do? Next year.

And today, we rest. And dog park. And clean the house. And laundry. And listen to C-man talk about how awesome his new iPod is. (Thanks to everyone who contributed!)

How is it that even though I had a 3 day weekend, it sure doesn't feel like it? Whew!

March 21, 2015

He's nine, I mean ten

My baby is 10. (I think he's showing me 10 fingers, at least.) How in the world did we make it to double digits so fast? The growth and maturity in him this past year has been nothing short of amazing. From the intensity he delivers in sports to the maturity about doing his homework to the types of conversations we able to have. Even to having his first broken bone. (Which is incredibly cool, by the way!) Ten is big stuff. It really does keep getting more fun.

March 19, 2015

Countdown to 10

Today begins three days of birthday shenanigans. And a whole lot of sweets. Giant cupcakes at school, a cake tonight, and cupcakes tomorrow night after the wrestling team weighs in. And then there's a fun night out tonight with dinner, and a bacon-filled breakfast planned for tomorrow. He really is a kid after my own heart.

March 18, 2015

And in today's life

  • I got a video cam app to see what Beasley does all day. Um, it's pretty much this.
  • C-man got in trouble in gym class today for being disrespectful, which is really out of character for him. He's been quite a handful lately. I'm blaming growth spurt.
  • Now he has to write a report about his favorite female athlete. I'm really looking forward to seeing who he picks.
  • He also got a blue cast on his hand for the next 4 weeks. Beerman texted that he just negotiated a re-look in 3 weeks.
  • After all, the A's need its pitchers.
  • I guess that answers any questions about wrestling this weekend.
  • So much for showing all 10 fingers for his birthday photo.

March 17, 2015

If you're happy and you know it...

So I've decided I'm done with crappy crap. No more dogs racing down busy streets. No more broken fingers. No more dead bees. Only happiness from here on out. So if you don't have happy shit to share, keep it to yourself. Thank you. Sincerely, the Management.

March 16, 2015

Another Monday

  • Beasley took off on us Saturday. As in, he was in the van to go to the park, jumped out the back, and took off toward the most dangerous road nearby.
  • We found him happily panting in someone's car on said dangerous road. She opened her door to get him off the road, and he joyously jumped right in. Dinkus.
  • I'm starting serious call-back recognition training tonight.
  • I went to see my bees on Sunday. They're dead.
  • I may have thrown my bee brush into a nearby field.
  • The spring hive buildup had already begun in both hives, and there was still food, which means they were alive until very recently with the cold snap a couple of weeks ago. Since they were in starvation position (heads in cells, butts out), and still had food, and some were dead right on the food, it means they couldn't get out of that position long enough to eat.
  • Damn.
  • I couldn't sleep last night, I was so worked up about both events.
  • 3, 3# packages of bees are ordered and ready to pick up 4/25.
  • And a third hive is on its way for me to paint and get ready. After all, I screwed up 2 hives this year, so I'd might as well try for 3 next year.
  • C-man has his orthopedic appointment on Wednesday. We'll find out then if he's wrestling on Saturday. I'm not thinking the chances are very good.
  • It's Monday and I'm exhausted and ornery. This isn't good.

March 14, 2015


Tuesday night, C-man hurt his hand while wrestling. I got there just before it happened, and he got up crying. I didn't interfere, because the coach was handling it. But he doesn't cry for little pains, so I knew it hurt. But in typical fashion, we went with the - you're probably okay, so let's ice it and see approach.

Fast forward two days and the finger is still a sausage and the knuckles black and blue. An x-ray confirmed he fractured his fourth finger, right above the growth plate. Which is good news, because it's a tiny fracture, and isn't impacting the growth plate. She is sending us to an orthopedist, though, because she wants to be extra careful.

The cutest part of all was that when the doctor asked if we had any questions, C-man had some. And they were all about whether he could pitch this weekend (he had a clinic), and if he could just tape it up for next weekend's wrestling tournament. I think the bad news is neither is going to happen. But we are going to let him hold out hope until a doctor tells us otherwise.

So there you have it. A childhood right of passage.

March 13, 2015


It's the weekend. Spring is here. So I'm going to make like Beasley and try to have some fun.

March 11, 2015

A lazy blogging day of randomness

  • The sun is shining, and the ice is melting. Hallelujah!
  • I got sprayed with salt from the salt truck while walking into work. Honestly, the stupidity of contractors laying salt when it's 60 degrees outside is beyond me.
  • C-man really hurt his middle two fingers last night at practice. They are all swollen and painful. Poor thing. I'm hoping it isn't broken. It didn't swell up more this morning than it had last night, at least.
  • A co-worker told me about the At Home app where you can set it up and check the video of where your other device is set up. She showed me her sleeping dog. I'm totally doing this.
  • Speaking of the dog, Beasley continues to be awesome. Somehow we have to get him a mid-week park visit, though, because an hour-long walk last night was not enough.
  • Beerman's searching for a trainer to help us with him, because he needs some walking manners. Although he is coming along on the waiting to go outside and sitting before meals, which is nice.
  • I know Daylight Savings only took an hour away, but it sure feels like more. I'm looking forward to the weekend already.

March 10, 2015

Awesome stuff

It's Tuesday in what feels like at least Thursday. Damn. I hate when weeks start like that. But I've got a fluffy dog who likes his belly rubbed. Life is awesome.

March 9, 2015

Another tournament day

We spent all day Sunday (and evening Saturday) at the home wrestling tournament. C-man's first match was against the kid who pinned him after he hurt his shoulder at the last tournament. He was nervous, but fought hard and lost 13-0, but did not get pinned. Let me reiterate, he did not get pinned.

The next match was against another kid he saw at the last tournament. It was the one he'd lost to in overtime. He lost again, but in regular time by 16-1. A much bigger margin, but again, he did not get pinned.

The final match of the day, he battled hard. He was ahead the entire match, and with only one second to go, got his coveted pin. (As his friend and teammate and timer was shouting, "He got it! He got it! He totally got it!" Beerman and I suspected his teammate had absolutely no intention of calling time until C-man got that pin. So it was nice that he still had a whole second to spare.)

It's funny how one raised arm (and a third pin for your hat) can make all your troubles go away. This morning he declared getting that pin was as good as getting first. Good job, buddy.

March 7, 2015

Happy Park Visit

Today we took Beasley to the park for the first time. (A fenced in one, of course!)

It started out this like this...

And then about an hour later, looked more like this...

He took a digger and hurt his paw, but that didn't matter. He was so deliriously happy, he just wanted to keep running and eating snow and running some more. On the way home, he didn't even care to bark at passing cars. And we were all happy.

March 6, 2015

My shadow just got 100 pounds heavier

It's our first full day together. Beasley seems to be taking the transition pretty well, as long as he can be by our sides. Every time one of us leaves, it's a matter of grave concern. Last night, his previous owner called to check up on him. I can't even imagine giving my dog up. But, when he's not grabbing one toy at a time out of C-man's closet and bringing it to me, I think he's settling in.

March 5, 2015

The Day of the Beasley

Today was the day we'd been waiting so impatiently to arrive. The day we busted C-man out of school early for a celebratory Miss Katie's Diner lunch, drove to Waukegan and met a couple who were the owners of Beasley, and drove him home.

He's a beautiful dog who is going to like being played with a whole lot. He's quite curious and still roaming the house checking it all out. (He definitely isn't crazy like Riley, but not yet enjoying the zen Harry so easily found.) We took him for a short walk and quickly learned he'd not been taught walking manners. But we can change that easily enough. (Um, right?) And I think, it being wrestling season and all, he's going to cut some weight like the rest of us. (C-man is maintaining - not cutting, for the record)

I'm so happy to have him home. But I can tell I was a bit nerved up about it, because now I'm exhausted. Totally enjoying him bringing C-man's toys out of his room one-by-one, but exhausted. It is a good day.

March 3, 2015

2 Days to Go

  • One of the parents of a kid on the baseball team doesn't have an email address. Huh? How is that even possible? Don't you need that to sign up for just about everything?
  • The snow came last night. Of course, the snow and ice happen when Beerman is away. I'm hoping it goes away soon. So far, with 3 days in, March can suck it.
  • Kohl's stock is above 74 for anyone watching. I, of course, watch closely and was more than happy to yell, "Sell!" at the opening bell this morning. That felt pretty good.
  • I keep trying to like Instagram, and am failing. But then I found @hotdudesreading. That helped my engagement.
  • Is it Thursday yet? Only 2 days until Beasley Day!

March 2, 2015

I see Spring. Okay, I don't, but whatever.

  • I dreamed of the baseball draft all night last night. Man, I can't take the stress.
  • We are getting connected to city water, and the company is a nightmare. They want me home at a drop of a hat at all hours so they can get in the house. Um, no.
  • I'm on dinner duty tonight. I'm terrible at dinner duty. It's what happens when you never cook anymore.
  • Someone referred to March as "winter's back being broken". I really loved that.
  • C-man's birthday is this month. The kid wants nothing that's cheap - Beats and an iPod.
  • I was thinking he should get a bike. We'll see how this works out...
  • Is it Friday yet?

March 1, 2015


I made my way through baseball tryouts and two draft sessions. I was glad to have been there to help Beerman, but really would have preferred to stay in bed. Oh well, you can't win them all. At least the A's are picked and ready for another summer. After thinking about summer, we spent a little time at the lake looking at the ice formations. The ice caves are open in Bayfield, but since we didn't make the trek north to see them, I considered this second-best. And now, I plan on resting. And doing laundry, but that's while I lay on the couch. Because it's one of those kinds of days.