April 29, 2014


I have nothing positive to say because I'm still sick. So I'll leave you with a happy photo that proves we actually dyed Easter eggs this year.

April 28, 2014

So it's Monday and stuff

I'm up to the coughing part of the sickness. That's not a whole lot of fun at 4 a.m. I'm on my second cup of coffee today, and it's not having much of an impact.

So they say when you're down, you should talk about what you're grateful for in order to turn yourself around. Here goes...

  • My kid is loving baseball and his new team. It's really nice to hear him this excited.
  • I got a couple of shirts on sale at the Limited, and really like them. It'd been a while since I found some shirts I really liked.
  • I'm getting my hair highlighted tomorrow night. I LOVE it when it's freshly highlighted.
  • I have some short story ideas I think I'm going to put down and make official. I often have sketchy ideas, but no real arc. I think I have a couple that could be fun to write down.
  • There is lice at school, but C-man does not have it. This is fabulous news because it means, despite my all of a sudden itchiness, I do not have lice.
  • Harry got a bath yesterday and is all fluffy and sweet smelling.
  • Coffee. Coffee is always on my gratitude list.

April 27, 2014

Another windy ballgame

It was another cold, windy day at the ballpark. I'm getting sicker feeling, as it's now going to my lungs. I figure I am a week away from a doctor giving me antibiotics for bronchitis. So sitting in the cold wind was not awesome. But at least the A's won big, which made it a nice day.

And at least today we answered the question, "What happens when your neighbor and very, very best friend pitches to you?" The answer is, you strike out. (This child has some serious issues at the plate. It's his fourth year in baseball, and somehow, he's got this really weird hitting thing going on. He did get a hit today, at least, although it was pretty terrible. At least he got on, I suppose.)

But the best part was that the two wanted to hang out together immediately after the game. So sweet. And now, I'm going to curl up under a blanket and hope I'm better when I wake up.

April 26, 2014

Winning > Losing

Today, I woke up a little dry mouthed after last night's trivia win. We had such a fun night together that I barely noticed my head cold was making me feel like someone slammed my head with a brick. But this morning there were things to do and a dog to be walked at the park before the big opening day in the new Minor's league. It was 45 degrees and incredibly windy, of course, but the excitement in C-man was palpable.

The A's came out over the Tigers 11 - 4. C-man saw a strikeout and a walk that resulted in 3 subsequent steals (the most important part since he can steal in this league). Tomorrow, we're back at it (except in the rain this time).

Me: Did you have fun? C-man: Totally! We were eating bacon-flavored sunflower seeds.

As they say, play ball. Lots and lots of baseball.

April 25, 2014

First bloom

I still have this stupid head cold dragging me down. The good news is I got to work from home today. And with no meetings on my calendar, and a day in the mid-60s, it was an incredibly relaxed day. Tonight is the annual trivia contest at school. It's an adults-only event where we bring our own food and adult beverages, and have a hoot of a night. I think I may pound some Alka-Seltzer and Dayquil to pep me up a bit so I don't drag the whole team down!

April 24, 2014


  • Last night, I went home, grabbed a blanket, turned on the Daily Show, and curled up on the couch, shivering and wanting to escape the world.
  • Until the whole house felt like it crashed in.
  • It didn't.
  • But the front window side light by the door sure did.
  • I'm not pointing any fingers, but there may have been a little boy pitching at his repeater which was angled toward the house.
  • He may have been asked a few dozen times to angle it other directions.
  • We had words.
  • Then he called Beerman because he was so upset and wanted to come clean and not have to wait until Beerman came home.
  • I thought that was incredibly mature for a 9 year old.
  • While I was angry, part of me was just too sick to even care.
  • Another part was kind of sad that it didn't take out the whole door because I really want a new one.
  • So now we look a little like Sanford and Son.
  • But really, didn't we all sort of expect this would happen ages ago?
Oh, and THIS sums him up perfectly. Posing for the camera with hair at least out of his eyes, but with dirty knees and untied shoes.

April 23, 2014

Cat Scratch in my throat Fever

I'm most definitely sick. I've been chugging Elderberry Syrup, drinking honeyed tea, and complaining a lot. None of it seems to help as much as the good ol' Dayquil and Alka-Seltzer. I hate viruses.

The good news is we have a babysitter for Friday night, because it's the annual school trivia night. And baseball season is in full swing starting Saturday. (It's supposed to be in the 40s, so it'll be in full winter hats to spectate) So that's something.

April 22, 2014

The tale of two fish. And some other things.

  • Meet Poseidon and Scooter, left to right respectively.
  • It's a crappy picture, but they move too fast.
  • Poseidon is a yellow Tang.
  • Scooter is a Melanurus Wrasse.
  • After having them for a couple of hours, Scooter was gone.
  • Beerman gave me a flashlight, and we each went looking to find out where he'd flopped on the ground because they're known to jump.
  • While searching, we were having the discussion if Beerman could make it to the fish store to get a new one and back before C-man came home.
  • Then I checked online and discovered this.
  • It sure would have been nice of the fish store to tell us THAT!
  • He appeared the next morning, and every  night, he dives back in the sand. It takes only a second.
  • We have some really quirky fish.
  • They're both in the quarantine tank, which is good, because they both seem to have a few spots of something. I really hope it goes away so we can put them in the big tank.
  • Speaking of having something, Beerman's been sick.
  • I stopped at Walgreens on my way to work today, because guess what.... Yup. Sore throat, and I hurt all over.
  • It was pretty hard to avoid it when we spent 5 hours in the car together on Sunday.
  • C-man got his new A's baseball uniform last night.
  • The pants are enormous. Guess I'll be exchanging those.
  • But the hat was put on immediately. I don't know if he'll take it off now.
  • His first game is Saturday. I really hope he does well.
  • I need a nap.

April 21, 2014

So it's a non-vacation day Monday

  • It's Monday. I'm at work. Bleh.
  • We spent Easter in Coleman, which was lovely.
  • Beerman and I got my beehives set up and ready for bees.
  • Come on, May 10th!
  • The rain is crippling me all up.
  • Or maybe it's the pound of sweet stuff I ate yesterday.
  • Seriously, it was way too much crap. I'm back to eating cleaner again today because I don't like feeling this way.
  • Staycations really stink. Especially this time of year when the weather is so awful. I feel like it was a whole week's worth of vacation wasted, and don't feel refreshed at all. That makes me crabby.
  • I need to think about my bees. It makes me less crabby today.

April 18, 2014

A night away

We spent the last two days in Chicago. A little overnight trip to break up the stay part of the staycation. Plus, we had to get Beerman away from work for a few days, which isn't always the easiest.

We went to the Adler Planetarium, since we hadn't been. (And seriously, I've been a space geek for.ever.) It was cool. It's a lot quicker to go through than some of the other museums in the area, but it was still nice to see.

And since it's next door to the Shedd Aquarium, where we are current members, we stopped in to say hello to a few of our favorite friends.

Of course, there were several really nice meals in-between. Between Skrine Chops, trying to go to a hipster place and ending up at Green Street Smoked Meats, and a Lou Mitchell's breakfast, we were constantly full.

I finally checked #22 off my list. Willis Tower. Check. C-man loved the clear boxes with the panoramic views.

And, of course, the child had a Lego gift card burning a hole in his pocket.

Trains, walking, cabs... It was a nice break away.

April 16, 2014

Staycation continues

We topped off yesterday's French day with the least French thing possible - good ol' American baseball. They lost. Boo. Oh my gosh, I absolutely HATE the Cardinals. At one point, Beerman pointed out all the Cardinals fans keeping the books. We had a good chuckle over it. (We'd noticed that last year when we visited Busch Stadium. What's that all about? Do they think they're going to be next season's third base coach? Do they not have the world wide webs? It's so odd to me.) But the seats were great, and we ran into some family who happened to be there. So overall, it was a pretty good end to a pretty darned great day.

Today is cold again. Gah! So much for nature center outings. I'm racing to get my bee hives painted in time for Sunday, so I can set them up at Grandma's with Beerman's help. Right now, I have two space heaters in the garage, attempting to raise the temperature enough to let me do it.

So today's adventures - after the dentist, a dog park visit, and a hair trim for C-man... Captain America 2. Because nothing says Spring Break like a movie about a winter soldier.

Staycations really aren't that great. Work keeps contacting me because they know I'm in town, and I'm refusing to answer. (Seriously? Figure it out your damn selves!) It's cold. And it's just lame. But hey, it's cheap, and I'm not at work. So I'm going to try to be happy.

April 15, 2014

A day in France. Sort of. Well okay, not really.

Due to this year's impending kitchen gutting, we are saving all our "extra" funds for things like 48" ranges and supersized hoods. So there is no Paris. There is no Turkey. And MUCH to the chagrin of C-man, there is no Portugal and Spain. So instead, we decided to find a little bit of France right here in Milwaukee. Okay, not really, but hey, we tried.

After a nice sleep-in, we had some breakfast and made our way to the Milwaukee Louvre Art Museum. My favorites were of the various monks, particularly The Catastrophe. C-man's was Portrait of a Terrier.

From there, because he was hungry and not interested in seeing the Joan of Arc Chapel on Marquette's campus, we headed up the lake a bit to have a delicious Milwaukee French lunch. Steak and frites, bernaise sauce, and of course, chocolate cake with cherries and vanilla bean ice cream over pralines with cherry sauce and pistachios. (I had the creme brulee). The server got a kick out of C-man, and kept referring to him as Eddie (because of the "French" Green Bay Packers jersey, of course).

And tonight, we're behind home plate at the Brewers v Cardinals game. Gennett is in the lineup, and the appropriate jersey is already laid out waiting for a post-baseball practice, pre-Brewers game change.

And tomorrow - a hair trim! I.Cannot.Wait.

April 13, 2014

That's a Wrap

6 weeks of rehearsals
2 weekends of plays
12 actors
2 outfits
11 pounds lost
1 bucket list item checked off

I don't know if I'll do it again. It was a really interesting experience I'm glad I had, but it hasn't made me need to jump up and do another one. The people who were involved were quite lovely, and people I'd never interact with otherwise. And since I'm kind of an introvert when it comes to meeting new people, that was great for me.

Right now, I'd just like a nap. And to see some Brewers games. And to come home at night and not have to race off somewhere. (C-man is excited about that too!) And to paint my beehives.

But definitely an experience I'm thankful I had.

April 12, 2014

Closing Time

Tonight is my last play. Closing night. Cast party. Whew. Last night was so much easier than last weekend. Somewhere between weekend 1 and weekend 2, my lines just became inherent. The cast got super playful. And it was fun. It didn't hurt that I had 7 coworkers show up who were hooting and laughing through the entire thing. It was pretty great to have the support.

It also didn't hurt that I was on a complete relief from the instant positive mammogram and ultrasound results. There is definitively no mass present, despite there being a lump. The best assessment is that my virus still hasn't been fully taken care of by my body and some lymph nodes are swollen. I hadn't been sleepless with worry, but could tell it was there, weighing on me. So it was nice to have a positive answer!

Beerman has been gone all week, but is now on his way home. It'll be nice to have it all back to normal.

Oh, not to mention - I'm on vacation now! Whoot!

April 11, 2014


It's Friday. Performance review, mammogram, and play day.

April 10, 2014

Thursday Thirteen

  1. I have the Pay What You Can dress rehearsal/play tonight. I suppose I should go over my lines again. It's been a nice break this week.
  2. C-man is super excited to come and sit backstage with me. I really have to figure out how to get him into theater, because he really enjoys it.
  3. I bought my beehive paint yesterday. I'm going with traditional white.
  4. $70 for a can of paint is kind of highway robbery, but I'm only painting this thing once! (Can you even imagine painting with bees inside? Ouch!)
  5. I learned that it's etiquette (at least of this group) to give play-related gifts to one another. THAT would have been nice to know a few weeks ago.
  6. I quickly ordered some alligator keychains. I hope they arrive by tomorrow! My latest check says they're at the Milwaukee post office, so I'm crossing my fingers!
  7. I have been incredibly ornery lately. I think it's the non-stop things to do and Beerman being gone and not liking my job and some health worries all coupled together.
  8. Speaking of health worries, I have a mammogram and ultrasound tomorrow. A lump, ongoing pain, and just feeling totally out of sorts worried the doctor enough to be cautious.
  9. I haven't been particularly worried, but I can tell it's always in the back of my mind. It'll nice to have it over with.
  10. C-man's baseball practices are in full swing. This year C-man moved up a level, and his coach is way intense. They run almost nonstop for an hour and a half. He likes it, though.
  11. After practice last night, he came home and ate six tacos. Good thing I had other dinner plans, because he ate everything!
  12. If he's eating like this now, what am I going to do when he's a teenager?
  13. Last weekend of the play. Then it's getting checked off the list and time to move on to my bees.

April 9, 2014

He shoots! He scores!

Spring is here. Finally. The snow is gone. Tulips are springing from the ground. C-man had his first outdoor baseball practice complete with stealing/sliding practice. (Oy! The laundry!) And playing in the driveway and at the school playground doesn't require heavy winter coats. What a relief.

April 8, 2014

A few of my favorites

I've been running so hard and fast lately with my life, it's nice to have a few play rehearsal-free days. Time to slow down a little and think about good things. A few of my latest favorites, if you will:

  • Lotion bars. How have I not purchased one of these before? It's literally lotion. In a bar. You don't have to get your hands all goopy and nasty, and there's no need to really rub it in. Genius! I may actually have something to do with my beeswax once I get enough.
  • Vacation. I have all of next week off work. It's C-man's Spring Break. We don't have real plans. As in, we're not going to Turkey. But at least hope to get to Chicago for a night just for a change of pace.
  • Kitchen plans. The reason we're not going anywhere is because we have kitchen plans. It looks like the end of July and all through August, we'll be in kitchen remodel hell. But September is going to be amazing!
  • Bee hives. They came last Friday, and I'm going to at least prime them this weekend. Oh my goodness, I cannot wait, it's so exciting.
  • Date bars. The local store has dates mashed up and then rolled in coconut. Totally simple. One piece is filling and sweet and keeps me away from chocolate.
  • Less pounds. The no-chocolate-eating-Lent thing has meant I've stayed out of all the candy jars. Which has meant I've lost weight. And it's enough now that I'm getting asked about it. Sweet!
  • Easter. Next to my birthday, Easter is my favorite holiday. And this year it means installing my beehives. I'm so excited!

April 7, 2014

Did I just blink?

It feels like I blinked and it became Monday again. After the two plays I was in, C-man and I went and saw a third play (Crash). But only after I was a reader in church and we went to a part of Kyle's baseball game. All really amazing stuff, and it was great to see family.

But wow. I'm tired.

The good news is I don't have any rehearsals until the plays again on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. (Although I'm going to read my lines about a thousand times again!) But by Sunday, I may just collapse!

April 6, 2014

Happy to be done

Opening weekend came and went. I'm not going to lie - I'm incredibly thankful it's over.

Beerman dutifully came each night. C-man only came to opening night. He knew he'd end up seeing it again, and wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to go swim at the hotel pool with his cousins while my parents and sister came to see the show! I can't say I blamed him.

Somehow, night 2 was more nerve wracking than night 1. I did better on my lines, but the entire time I was thinking about where I'd messed up the night before, and it made me a little sick to my stomach that I'd repeat the mistakes.

But now, I've got 4 days of relaxation with no rehearsals before it starts again. (Well, as long as you count giving 7 performance reviews, running the child to 3 baseball practices that all start before 5 p.m., and a mammogram for suspicious nonsense relaxing, that is!)

April 5, 2014

Whew. Did it.

Opening night happened. There were definitely hiccups. But thankfully, no barfs. I made all my lines, although one came in a wee bit late. (Damn that, She went looking for Mrs. Danvers!) But there were people in the audience, and they laughed a few times - two points over which I'd previously been pretty doubtful. It really just felt like a giant rehearsal, we'd been doing it so many times. (Well, except for the real wine. That was new.)

And so, here we go again tonight. And you can bet I'm going to nail that Mrs. Danvers line!

April 4, 2014

It's Game Day

Last night was the soft opening. There were about a dozen people in the audience. It went alright. I still may throw up before tonight, though.

On the positive side, when I mentioned I might possibly be sick, the cast sweetly came to my side and told me that I was such stage eye candy, it'd be okay even if I did throw up. Eye candy. That's a new one. Maybe this community theater thing is for me after all! HA!

April 3, 2014


Tonight we have a soft opening type show. The doors are open, and we'll pretend it's a show, but there may be 5 people in the audience. I started dropping a line last night that I'd never dropped before. So I've got that going for me. I so rarely get nervous, and I am really gut wrenchingly nervous about this. Which makes it all so much worse. I wish I just felt confident about my lines and what I'm doing. They've been putting tea in my wine glass, but I think I'm going to make it real wine on show night! Oh, what in the hell have I gone and done? In other words, if you want to see me on stage, now's your chance, because I'm not doing this again.

April 2, 2014

Hump Daaaaay!

This photo was taken in December. Despite today's cold, the snow is gone, and Spring is coming!

  • I actually remembered my lines last night, which was amazing. It gave me a bit more confidence that I can do this play thing.
  • And then I remember that there will probably only be a handful of people in the audience, and it feels even easier.
  • After rehearsing until 10, my mind races and I cannot sleep. It's kind of hard to look at myself with those black bags under my eyes today! Wow, I'm tired.
  • Harry is finding it harder and harder to get up these days. His age is no longer creeping up on him. It makes me so incredibly sad.
  • I still haven't gotten my bee hives yet. Beerman reminded me that I can't paint them yet anyhow, with it being so cold. But I want them, damnit!
  • The honey place I'm getting my bees from is picking up its first load of bees from California and posting pictures to Facebook. I never knew I'd be so thrilled to watch a truck drive go across country!
  • I need a nap.

April 1, 2014

3 more rehearsals. Argh!

  • "I'm surprised we can hear anything, what with all the wind and rain and thunder." My new nemesis line. Argh!
  • It's dress rehearsal week. I've decided I need better jewelry. With work and rehearsals going until 10, Lord knows when I'm going to find time to go get some of that!
  • I've been off all the arthritis medication for a bit now. All fine and dandy, but now it's Spring. Ah, the rain and low pressure days are upon us again and I am, once again, crippled. Argh!
  • I need a nap. When do you think THAT'S going to happen?
  • Argh!