July 31, 2012

Goodbye, July

July was so jam-packed with stuff (baseball championship, new car, summer camp, water parks), it felt like a whole lot of stuff for just one month. But as I notice the darkness coming sooner each night, and the bees humming in the gardens, I'm really sad to see it at an end. I do love summertime so much. I have a renewed commitment to get every little thing I can out of what's left. I need to soak in the beautiful evenings, and absorb the warm summer rains that have finally arrived, and hear the bees vibrating the flowers each night before the cold, dark winter peeks its head around the corner. Ahhh, goodbye, July. You were one for the books.

July 30, 2012


C-man and I had good quality time this past weekend, while Beerman was off being a beer god in Austin. We hit up Germanfest Saturday, since it was a gorgeous night. I introduced the child to schnitzel and pretzels to a huge success. I was looking for a strudel next, but he was too full. (Is this my child?) My biggest accomplishment was introducing him to the sky glider. He was always too chicken to do it in the past, but has been making a big leap lately in his interest to try new things. And he loved it. (He IS my child! He IS my child!) I love this kid.

July 29, 2012


Every time we go somewhere, C-man proclaims, "To the brewberry!" (Nods to Psych and the fact that we're getting Brewers plates). He's a funny kid.

July 27, 2012


All's well that ends well. And it's the end of the week. Car pickup day. Maybe Batman tonight. Come on weekend, show me what you've got.

July 26, 2012

Good stuff

Today is a good day. I had breakfast with an old friend. I get to hire the person I've been wanting to hire after hours of back and forth. It's been raining so the grass is finally turning green again after MONTHS of it being brittle and brown. It stormed hard last night and I didn't even notice because I totally slept through it. And the best part of all... drumroll please... MY CAR IS IN! Ahhh... it's going to be a good, good weekend ahead.

July 24, 2012


Mondays are the days C-man goes home with friends straight from camp. Yesterday was Monday. At 5:30, I called the friend to ask where they were and what time I should get C-man. At 6, there was a knock on my door. It was said friend telling me he'd forgotten C-man, and he was still at camp.

30 minutes after it had closed.

So I frantically sped there and frenetically tried each locked door until I got to a service door that was open to find him in the office. Safe and sound, but 30 minutes late. I was so upset my baby was left, but I guess there has to be something for him to tell the therapist later in life.

I couldn't sleep last night, as I kept waking up with the dread that I'd left C-man somewhere. Guess who is getting picked up early tonight!

July 23, 2012

Another week

I could use a little pep. It's been nice to see the storms, but I wish it would rain more and low-front a bit less, if you know what I mean. The good news is it should be a lower-key week to move about in.

What's crazy to me is that this is the last week of C-man's regularly scheduled summer camp. Next week, he moves on to the Jewish Community Center camps, which is a new experience for all of us. All I know is that if the cost is directly proportional to the fun he'll have, it'll be mind-blowing excitement!

We're heading to St. Louis to see the Brewers beat the Cardinals in 2 weeks. There seems to be more than enough stuff to do in St. Louis, it's just a matter of picking what the kids will want to do and how the weather turns out. And I say kids in the plural sense, because we are taking the neighbor kid.

My new motivation to move has gotten me biking and jumping on a new mini trampoline I bought this weekend. I am so out of shape, my butt really hurts. This is a positive thing, though. Because the drugs aren't helping much, which means I need to figure something else out.

July 22, 2012

Sunday stuff

It has been a day of random Sunday stuff, fun with friends, and hugging the dog. Good times.

July 21, 2012

Low key kind of day

I bought a mini trampoline today. I figured if I am going to try to get myself moving more, I'd need some fun ways to do it.

C-man slept at a friend's house last night. After being gone all week, I missed the little squirt.

Besides having to pee nonstop, I have noticed very little difference in being on all these steroids. Ick.

We have a party at a friend's house tomorrow. I probably should figure out what we are going to make. Fruit is always a safe one.

My latest Gabriel Allon book arrived. Apparently I preordered from both Amazon and BN. Oops. At least the BN one was a signed copy.

The weekly homemade yogurt making has been going swimmingly. I have been eating it with Grandma's peaches and having a minor heart attack of joy each time.

I voted to see Batman tonight but was overruled. Everyone else wants to stay home. Guess it is a date with Gabriel since I just can't bear to watch Wolverine vs Hulk one more time.

July 20, 2012

Back again

I'm back from my week in Boston. The training was good. The location of the training was even better - right next to Boston Commons and the Public Gardens. Each morning, even though it was well into the 80s and ridiculously humid, I made a conscious decision to get up early, grab breakfast, and go to sit in the gardens and watch the elderly Chinese women do their Tai Chi or sing their morning prayers. One morning I shared my egg and sausage bagel with a homeless guy named Ted. He told me I shouldn't eat sausage because it is bad for my health. (The irony of a guy who sleeps on park benches lecturing me on my health while we were watching other people do their exercise was not lost on me.)

Interestingly enough, the training I went to was all about how to help yourself and others make behavioral changes. In going through it, I have a renewed energy to improve my own health. In my head, the intent is always there. And I definitely have the knowledge of how to do it. But in practice, I've been crap at it because I'm so poorly self-motivated. So I think I have a real plan to get myself moving. Movement is the only way I ever feel better, yet the pain is what stops me. And that's a vicious circle for me. Which means it is time to re-energize on the topic and start moving myself.

So thanks, Ted. I'm officially cutting down on the sausage.

July 17, 2012

Circle of love

As I am in Boston for the week, I'll definitely be missing my little circle of love back home.

July 16, 2012

Monday mugging

I've been feeling so crummy about myself lately, so I haven't been doing any self-portraits. I decided nothing gets you back into the swing of things than by showing yourself at your "finest". She's sexy and she knows it.

July 15, 2012

Distant Friends

Once upon a time, I had a baby boy. And I was nervous whether I was "doing it right". And I was nervous that I was "doing it all wrong". And I knew all the things I did not want to do, but needed help in doing what I wanted to do.

In this search for like mindedness, I stumbled upon a message board of the type of parenting style we mostly subscribe to. People came and went on the board, but there were definite regulars asking questions from discipline to sleepless nights to nutrition. The site who hosted the board started to become a pain, but the group wanted, or should I even say needed, to stay together. It was about the time that people were just starting to mainstream into Facebook. And so a group was formed on Facebook of about 30 ladies from all over North America.

Since then, we've grown along with our children. From those discussions about ear aches to discussions about marriage to recommendations for vacations to walking with people through their divorces to celebrating new babies to choosing kids' schools and anything and everything in between. We know parts of each others' lives that most near us do not. It's really become an incredibly special group of very diverse women.

And today, one of those special friends was in town for a conference, so we met up for breakfast. There was no awkwardness that I'd worried would exist. There was no searching for things to say. It was like sitting down with an old friend. Because that's really who she is to me. What an amazing thing that is.

July 13, 2012


I'm going into my third week of feeling kind of miserable. And by kind of, I don't mean kind of at all. Which means it's time for me to focus on some of the positive things in my life. So here are 10 of my latest and greatest things I love:
  1. That little splotch of Nutella I have to wipe off C-man's cheek each morning
  2. The morning sunlight streaming on my face when it's time to get up
  3. When C-man goes to check on his baseball trophy that is sitting on the piano each day
  4. The summer wardrobe I've put together - trendy, but still me
  5. A hair highlight I'm going to get today to cover up my reverse skunk
  6. The monstrosity of an herb garden I have due to the constant heat
  7.  600+ hits I've gotten from all over the world on my little Yankees baseball team photo blog
  8. Long evening bike rides with C-man that always end by going down a sloping hill in the park
  9. Getting woken up by Harry not so subtly panting in my face because his belly is hungry
  10. My first coffee in the morning

July 12, 2012

Thursday nonsense

My rheumatologist gave me vicodin yesterday because my pain levels have been too high for too long and I haven't been sleeping. He told me it was okay to take since I didn't have any drug-seeking behavior. After one day/night on Vicodin, that may just change!

It looks like we are going to take along weekend to go to St. Louis to see the Brewers play the Cardinals. Ticket prices are over double what they are for the Brewers games. Wow! I hadn't expected that. I mean seriously, this is Missouri. The place with a town called Knob Lick. (And you're going to have to trust me when I tell you the town fits the name.)

I have a massage scheduled for Saturday afternoon. I cannot wait.

Man, these days go by quickly lately. Some day I'll catch up. Maybe during tomorrow's hair highligh.

July 11, 2012

Slipping away

The summer seems to move so quickly after the 4th of July. What felt like lazy days of summer now seems like a roller coaster ride down the giant hill. There are only 2 1/2 more weeks of C-man's regularly scheduled summer camp left before he goes into his second camp option. (Can I just say HOLY COW! and OUCH! The Jewish kids' camp is expensive stuff!) Back to school stuff is showing up in the stores, and we just got our host family assignment for school. So I've found my re-determination to enjoy every ounce this incredibly hot, dry summer has to offer.

More pools! More beaches! More books! More ice cream! More days off! MORE SUMMER!

July 10, 2012


Look! Summer photos that don't have a baseball in them!

I can't get my yogurt making right. It is making yogurt, but it's not how I want it to be. I think I have to add some powdered milk into the mix. And I've figured out that using 2% is a waste, because you have to pour off half of it when it separates. You know, for your next yogurt-making project. It is quite tasty, though, so this is worth the trouble.

This morning while taking C-man to camp, we saw a baby fawn jumping and leaping around the field. It was so stinking cute, he had to have just been born very recently and gotten his jumping legs. We giggled a lot.

Last night C-man was at a friend's house straight from summer camp. While there, he got a call from a friend to come over. Since he was already at a different friend's house, he has an appointment with him for tonight. I need to start teaching this kid how to make his own calendar.

I'm wearing blue pants today. I'm trying to embrace my inner fashionability, but really just feel like a giant blueberry who is on her way to 3rd grade.

My new Gabriel Allon book comes out in another week. I cannot wait. I do love me some Gabriel Allon.

I have a chiropractic appointment scheduled for later today. I've really needed one, but with all the swelling I've had, it's usually so pointless since nothing moves. I am soooo looking forward to it, though.

I'm heading to Boston next week. I'd forgotten about that trip. I kind of don't want to go. Boston isn't my kind of town.

Is it Friday yet?

July 9, 2012

One of These Days

I woke up with the Foo Fighters "These Days" in my head. It was quickly replaced with "Call Me Maybe". Talk about a great day going south fast.

I am wearing a wedding ring today. My fingers are physically bruised from all the recent swelling. I have my regular rheumatologist appointment this week. He's going to love that.

I took some non-baseball-related photos, but now can't get my computer to recognize the memory card to get them off. So you are subjected to one more day of baseball. But baseball is over for the year, I promise.

The baseball blog I put up with the videos and pictures is at over 500 hits since Saturday morning. Not bad for a team of only 13 boys!

We had dinner at the neighbor's house last night. Her mom gave me a dozen roses. I have my very own Jewish mother now!

Yesterday I had to beg C-man to play with me. The downfall of being an only child - two parents looking for you to entertain them. He obliged by going mini golfing with me along with the neighbor kid. I bribed them both with ice cream. Tonight he's off to a baseball friend's house straight from camp. Someday I'll see my kid.

I made yogurt again yesterday. It was kind of cottage cheesy. I used 2% instead of whole milk and wonder if that was it. Or if it'll be okay once I strain the whey off. I know you're at the edge of your seat, so I'll keep you posted.

July 8, 2012

Let summer begin

Now that the unbroken championship baseball trophy has a place of honor on top of my piano (we really need to put up some shelves in this kid's room), it's time to move on to part two of our summer. The part that is filled with farmers' markets and geocaching and swimming and golfing and birthday parties. (I don't know what it is about birthday parties, but C-man has one scheduled every weekend from here on out now. There might also be the factor that C-man gets invited to absolutely everyone's party - even summer camp kids are inviting him.) I also need to take some photos that are un-baseball related.

I hate seeing his season go, because it's so much fun for him and I like the group of parents so well, but moving on to part 2 is kind of refreshing, too. Let the summer begin.

July 7, 2012

The video of champions

13 boys, 15 regular season and 4 tournament games, 4 months of practice, and 1 championship.


This is a photo of what might have been the twelve happiest boys in the land tonight. Until C-man stepped on his own trophy and broke it and was the most devastated boy in the universe. But then it was replaced, and we were all happy again.

Yankee blue and true. It's kind of sad to see it end.

July 6, 2012

Yankee Blue

My child finally consented to getting his hair trimmed and the appointment was last night. So while he is still shaggy, he no longer has hair in his eyes.

The arthritic flare that has been crippling me for about 10 days is starting to move on. I actually slept a 4 hour stretch last night and may be able to wear my rings by tomorrow. Progress!

I'm wearing red jeans today. I've gotten compliments on them, but I can't get past the feeling that I look like a giant tomato.

Tonight is the championship game of Yankees v D'Backs. It is going to be a big, hot, sweaty eye-black streaking down the face moment in the lives of twelve 6, 7, and 8 year old little boys. And their parents. But win or lose, there are trophies and a party afterward, so it should be a really great night. All I need is a final photo of the winning team and my team video will be done.

I never got this nervous at my own sporting events. I think when you're in control of your own destiny, it's a whole lot less nerve-wracking.

Anyhow, wherever you are, put on your Yankee blue, sacrifice your chickens to Jobu, and give a collective prayer that the baseball gods are wearing Yankee blue tonight.

July 5, 2012


I'm exhausted. I am in the middle of a full-blown arthritic flare and the heat is not helping. I'm heading home to sleep.

July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Nothing says we kicked British butts like a parade and a barbeque. Enjoy the day!

July 3, 2012

We pause this season for a holiday

Last night, the Yankees won their semifinals game. On top of the win, C-man went 2 for 2 with an RBI, so he was pretty pleased. But now, we rest for a few days for the holiday before the Friday night championship game.

I've been pretty hard on C-man lately, and I have had to make a conscious effort to let up. He's only 7 and he makes mistakes. And as a kid, he should be able to learn from them. He's learned a few things from older kids recently and has been trying them out. So I'm trying really, really hard to remember that fact and make sure that when he screws up, he learns from it so he doesn't do it again. So far, it's been much more fun for all of us.

We're skipping Milwaukee's fireworks tonight. After so many hot nights at the baseball field and being in the middle of a puffy finger experience, slogging down to the lake with a million of my best friends in the 90 degree heat doesn't sound all that great. We have a party with friends tomorrow, though, which will be great.

Enjoy your holiday, however you celebrate!

July 2, 2012

Remembering stuff

We were at a party last night and were talking to a woman who was born in Cuba. They were talking about going back this year to see her family members she hadn't seen in 50 years. It inspired me to look at our honeymoon photos. What an amazing place.

The Yankees have been on a hot streak, and I'm not only referring to the weather. They're playing in the semis tonight against the Brewers. So if you have any good prayers for the baseball gods, go ahead and say them now!