August 31, 2015

It's definitely Monday, and I have a 5th Grader

I woke up and felt like a total cliche. I stubbed my toe going to the bathroom. The cream in my coffee curdled. I made a second cup and burned my tongue when I drank it. (I'm used to the cream cooling it off!) When I did get to drink it, it just tasted gross. Beasley wouldn't leave me alone. C-man didn't want to wake up. Somehow, I have to get through my day with back-to-back meetings and get home by 3:30 to get C-man off the bus and Beasley to the park and then homework done and then C-man to practice so I can get to rehearsal trusting the babysitter will pick C-man up from practice and make him shower and get ready for bed. Because, oh yeah, Beerman is gone again.

In other news, C-man went to 5th grade today. The only positive things he could manage to say about it were:

  • Gym is on Mondays
  • We get iPads
  • I get a locker

August 30, 2015

Early Harvest

I drove north to see my bees today. And much to my surprise, they were doing amazingly well. So well, I decided to grab a super (one box) of frames to bring home to harvest. And so well, that they were incredibly docile and didn't mind a ton that I was stealing it.

Once home, I set everything up outside. Since there were few bugs, and it would keep me away from Beasley's inquiring nose, it seemed like a good plan. I started by scratching the wax cappings off the frame to expose the sweet, gooey honey below.

Once I had two frames uncapped, I put them into the extractor. It's just a giant centrifuge that I crank manually on top. Crank it one way for a while (30 seconds-ish), and then crank it the other. Then check to see if they were spun out. If they are, I removed them and did it again.

After my 7 frames (The 8th frame in the box wasn't fully capped, which meant the water content was too high. Above 18%, and your honey will ferment!), I took the operation inside.

Which is where I opened up the honey gate and let it drain into the cappings tank. That way all the run-off is in one place. Plus, it strains out all the giant wax pieces.

From there, I opened up that honey gate and let it flow through a few sieves (600 micron) to get rid of wings and wax and other gunk.

Once strained, I pulled out a ladle and bottled 13 of them up where they can sit until the air bubbles settle out. There's still more to bottle (almost that much again), but I ran out of bottles. (Amazon to the rescue tomorrow!) But I feel a little drunk on the sweetness since I kept licking off everything it was dripping on during the process. Ahhh, I'm so happy things are going right so far.

August 29, 2015

With two weeks to go

It was cold and drizzly and miserable. It must be football season. C-man wasn't at his finest form. I'm not sure if it was just because it was a scrimmage, because he's learning new positions, or because he is playing with bigger kids. He did well, he just wasn't a standout.

But he loved it, nonetheless. And I guess that's really what matters. Two weeks until the season really starts.

August 28, 2015


Ahhhhhhhhhh... Hellooooo, Friday.

August 27, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Beasley earned an Honorable Mention Award from the Wisconsin Humane Society. He won't get his own month, but he'll get his photo on the 2016 calendar.
  2. We talked about it, and while he was disappointed about not being Mr. October, I promised him that we'll do better next year.
  3. C-man has a football scrimmage on Saturday.
  4. He has to bring his blue and white jerseys and pants. That's four jerseys and two pairs of pants.
  5. I've done whole weeks away with fewer clothes changes.
  6. Play rehearsal is going swimmingly. And by swimmingly, I mean it's long and tedious, and I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to remember everything.
  7. It doesn't help that I've been in a ton of pain this week and been unable to sleep.
  8. They had root beer floats at work today. Root beer floats make me happy.
  9. It also makes me happy that it's Thursday. This has been a long kind of week.
  10. C-man starts school next week. He isn't looking to rush through this week.
  11. I refused to purchase the hand sanitizer from the supply list once again. At what point do we stop buying what we know is total garbage?
  12. I could use a nap today.
  13. At least I'm drinking from my Wonder Woman cup. Hopefully that'll get me through my day.

August 26, 2015

A day in the life

This morning's text exchange with C-man:
C-man: Oh my God! Why didn't you tell me there was Nutella! Exclamation!
Me: Some things are better left for the finding.
C-man: Then why is it already 3/4 gone?
Me: I guess some of us are better at the finding.

August 25, 2015

Things in my head

  • The first play rehearsal (that I could attend) was last night.
  • There are soooo many lines to remember, and I just don't have the oomph.
  • I shouldn't have done this.
  • I slept for 2 hours last night. Maybe that has something to do with it.
  • When no pain reliever even touches the pain, what do you do?
  • Besides writhe in agony for hours, of course.
  • I got new athletic shoes because my other ones had holes.
  • C-man now wants them because they're purple with pink laces.
  • He's almost the right shoe size...
  • He got his #57 jersey back. But because he'll also play as a back on offense, he got to choose a back number.
  • He picked #27, of course.
  • I have no idea how these boys who play on offense and defense are going to manage changing their numbers while on the field. Seems silly to me.
  • Not to mention, the jerseys are so long, they're down to his knees. Guess I'll need to tack it up a bit.
  • Yawn. Is it time to go home yet? Oh wait. That won't be until 9:30 tonight.

August 24, 2015

Summer regrets

And so it begins. The last week of summer for C-man. (He's camp-less and with a sitter, much to his happiness). Another week of work for Beerman and me. I hate that this summer is really almost done. Those happy lazy nights by the fire and with the fireflies were so sparse this year - life got too crazy, and the weather just wasn't all that helpful. Days at home were too few. Oh, so many regrets for this summer. But I suppose it does little good to lament them now.

Instead, we move forward. To an almost 5th grader who gleefully got his #57 football jersey back. To a week back at work instead of traveling. To a husband who is also home this week. And to a dog who has learned how to counter surf.

August 21, 2015

While I was out

  • I've been in Orlando all week for work.
  • Apparently it was hot and humid and gross outside there.
  • Since I only saw it on my way into the event on the way out, I can't really confirm that.
  • I rode the corporate jet home. That was fantastic.
  • But it leads to me to ask why all of the shlumps riding domestic have to go through so much security screening when, if you have enough cash, you just drive up to your own plane and walk on with zero checks.
  • It's good to be home. Running those giant events drains me. Plus, there's just so many people.
  • C-man is counting down the days until Madden 16 comes out.
  • The only problem is we've been providing him with loads of opportunities to earn money, and he hasn't done any of them.
  • I'm really glad I'm home again. I am not cut out for work travel anymore.

August 15, 2015


Errands, the football car wash and brat fry, farmers' market, dog park, and more. It's a good day.

August 14, 2015

Finish line

It's been a long week of meetings at work, and I'm really happy to see us at the finish line. The good news at our house is it's also been the first week of football practice. C-man is sweaty and tired, but not totally exhausted this year. So while he wasn't in prime condition going into practice, he's light years ahead of last year, and really enjoying it.

This weekend, I'm looking forward to mowing my lawn and reading my book. Unfortunately, I'm also packing for Monday's trip to Orlando, but I'll worry about that Sunday night. Until then, it's taking deep breaths and enjoying the summer.

August 10, 2015

Oh well

Well crap. It's Monday again. C-man starts football. (He topped triple digits on the scale yesterday! I've got to believe he'll be back to doubles soon with these practices.) I'm going to try out for a role in a play. I guess I should get myself in a better mood. But I'd really prefer to be home binge-watching some Netflix or going to State Fair or reading a book in my hammock chair. Oh well. Onward.

August 9, 2015

All she wrote

Sunday. The end of Sunday, to be more specific. Sigh. Vacation is over. C-man picked up his football equipment today, and he's back to Discovery World camp. The school supplies are purchased, and our summer plans are over. Don't get me wrong - I'm not one of those people so focused on what's gone that I'm missing what's here. But damn. Fall is around the corner. Which means I need to embrace what's left of Summer. Because I don't let go of this without a fight!

August 8, 2015

Usual Saturday stuff

It's back to usual Saturday stuff -- laundry, house cleaning, dog park, farmers' market, and playing with friends. I don't want this staycation to end... Please, don't make it end...

August 6, 2015

A slower kind of day

Today wasn't about all these fun and cool things. It was about errands - Beasley to the park, C-man to get school supplies, me to work out, and Beerman to get plumbing stuff (we're hooking into municipal water, and he refuses to pay a plumber's fee to do it).

But it's been nice, just being home and getting things like the laundry done. Plus, it's given me some time to wander through the gardens and see what's growing, what's buzzing, and what's in need of plucking.

In other news, the video of me they did at work released today. I got a ton of emails about it. I'm so thankful I'm home and not at work. There's something about being in the spotlight that is less and less appealing as I age.