January 31, 2015

Another weekend, another tournament

Today, we went to a wrestling tournament on a Saturday - in Germantown this time. C-man happened to hit a really hard bracket, with a state and a nationals qualifier.

The first round opponent didn't show up, so he won by forfeit. That helped his nerves a little. And while his next opponent was a girl, she couldn't remember the last time she had not pinned someone. She was really tough. (But incredibly sweet - C-man made friends with her and they were all chatty the rest of the day after this match)

C-man fought incredibly hard, and while lost by decision 13-0, he did not get pinned. A huge victory, as far as I'm concerned.

He attacked his next match with a vengeance.

The kid tried a poorly timed head throw on him, and he responded with a more timely head throw of his own. (Much to Beerman's and his coaches' chagrins - they do NOT want him to do head throws.)

But it (unfortunately? fortunately?) worked. He got the takedown, and it landed him a pin.

If nothing else, getting another pin on the hat was enough to make it a great day.

Which was great, because his final match was against a kid who has qualified for nationals, and has stacked up wins all over the country. C-man got pinned in 30 seconds and walked off with a smile. Seriously, this kid was so good, there was no shame in it, and even C-man knew there was no chance.

So after all that, he landed with a third place. And, a very fun lunch/dinner with the team. I couldn't be prouder of this child.

January 30, 2015

Hello, Beasley

We've been looking for another dog. Ideally, an Old English Sheepdog. I have stalked Petfinder and Petango and the Humane Society websites. I have asked people I know, and even been considering non-sheepdogs just to have another warm, fuzzy belly in the house.

And then I heard from my dad that he was chatting with a woman on the beach in South Texas who had an OES. And by a stroke of fate, she is looking to re-home him. And when she isn't a snowbird, she lives in Illinois.

So last night, we had over an hour long, mostly one-sided conversation of her telling me everything she knew and loved about the dog. I'd expected it to be more one-sided with me having to explain who we are, and who are our references could be. But apparently my dad did such a good job selling how amazing we are as a dog family (Thanks, Dad!), she didn't feel any of that was necessary.

Beasley is a 3 year old, Old English Sheepdog who for an unknown reason ended up in the Des Moines shelter system. She's had him for a little over a year, and everything she describes is that he is a very typical, very male OES - he's a big, strong, goofy, energetic, sweet, obsessive herder.

And as of March 5th, after his beach vacation, will officially be a Rysewyk. I'm so excited, I can barely keep myself together.

January 29, 2015

Kick in the vegan leather pants

Yesterday, I wore a vegan leather (that's pleather for the rest of us) skirt to work and got all sorts of compliments everywhere I went. I couldn't discern if it was because I was actually in a skirt at work, or because the skirt is that cool. (Because it kind of is) Anyhow, it was the kick in the proverbial pants I needed to start paying attention to my clothes a bit more. Which also might be the official kick in the pants I need to cut some of this extra weight I'm carrying to fit in some nice new clothes. Because who wants to buy new clothes in fat sizes?

Anyhow, so I'm stating it here - It's time to cut out this sugar loading I'm doing, and start lifting weights with my cardio. Because this girl needs to start looking (and feeling) better.

January 28, 2015

Another hump day in the life of me

  • The Sunday wrestling tournament got cancelled, so C-man is going to wrestle on Saturday.
  • Beerman is going to take him skiing on Sunday instead.
  • Because why would you miss a single opportunity to wrestle or ski?
  • Or have to choose between the two?
  • He has a seriously charmed life.

January 26, 2015

TGI... oh right, it's Monday

  • Finding a dog that we want for our home and who wants us is proving to be more difficult than I'd thought.
  • I keep getting spam for a program that touts itself as the Netflix of Books. Isn't that just the library?
  • C-man is slowly getting better with this sinus infection and bronchitis thing, which is positive.
  • Speaking of C-man, I've been thinking I should get him in a guided imagery class. He gets so impossibly sick to his stomach sick before matches, I think it'd be really good for him. Now to find one for kids...
  • Is it the weekend yet? Because it already feels like it should be.

January 25, 2015

Another Sunday, another tournament

Today, we woke up at the crack of dawn with Racine as our destination.

He wrestled really hard and the improvement from last week was once again impressive.

And thankfully, it started out with a 17-10 win. (Yeah, not a ton of defense going on there!)

The next match was a really great one that had people who were entirely uninvolved with either kid commenting on what a great match it was. Unfortunately, C-man was on the wrong end of the 2-4 decision.

The final match was against a kid who was truly good. He was behind the whole way, but fought really hard. He ended up getting pinned with a mere 4 seconds left in the match.

Despite that, he really did do a tremendous job today. It just may take him a day or two to realize it.

January 24, 2015

Saturday is the day of rest

I'm so thankful for Saturday. A cleaned up house, cleaned up clothes, and rest. And tomorrow, up at the crack of dawn for 'rasslin.

January 23, 2015

Delusions of Friday

I'm so thankful it's Friday. C-man is two days into antibiotics, and despite the FitBit telling me I slept a grand total of 3:26 last night, I think I'm getting better. Or maybe I'm delusional. Who can tell anymore.

January 22, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. C-man is home sick today.
  2. We went to the walk in clinic last night, and he has a sinus infection and the beginnings of bronchitis. But at least no fever!
  3. Winter 2014-15 is the season of antibiotics, apparently.
  4. The good news is it gives me a day to be able to slow down too, and kick this crud before it kicks me.
  5. My parents are celebrating their 49th anniversary today. (Congrats, Mom and Dad!) Not to state the obvious, but... wow.
  6. C-man's wrestling club is hosting its own tournament on 3/8. Of course, it requires many parents to volunteer to help.
  7. 6 people showed up for the planning meeting. There are over 50 kids in the program. It's so disgusting.
  8. So now I'm trying to get local restaurants to advertise and donate. It's like whiplash flashing back to my horrible non-profit days. But I guess someone has to do it.
  9. I also have to start planning the winter carnival at C-man's school.
  10. How do I get roped into all of these horrible volunteer things?
  11. Having C-man come home on the bus after school with a sitter waiting has proven to be a huge hit. He's happier, his homework is getting done, and things aren't nearly as rushed. It's been good.
  12. I am so, so, so missing Harry. I need another dog. But none of them are Harry.
  13. This weekend we're back to skiing and wrestling. Such is my life.

January 20, 2015

So it's Tuesday

C-man has a cold. I think he's passing it on to me. And it's Tuesday. You know, exciting stuff.

January 19, 2015

43 days until Spring training

Oh, Mondays can be such a drag sometimes. But holiday Mondays post Packers loss when I'm on the verge of being sick after I've been away from my desk for a week and have to be at work - now THAT'S a real drag.

January 18, 2015

First place

It's Sunday, so of course, we woke up before 7 and headed off to a wrestling tournament. This one in West Allis. 'Stallis, if you will. C-man had a no-show in his bracket, so he only had two matches.

The first went the full time, with C-man coming out on top 7 - 0. He is still a beginner at this sport, but the difference between the last tournament and this one was marked. Pretty cool to see.

The second match he handled incredibly well, pinning his opponent in the first round. I let out a squeal. (Something you're not really supposed to do, but it just came out of me.) I can't help myself, apparently.

And C-man couldn't help himself either, because he shook the kid's hand and raced off to get his pin without even getting his arm raised. Man, he's been wanting a hat full of pins like some of his fellow teammates ever since he first saw one and realized what it was.

So, of course, we marched over and purchased a wrestling hat to put his very first pin on. Kind of funny, really - every tournament promotes what it gives to first place finishers, and all he really wanted was the hat. He's a tough, tough kid who leads quite a charmed life. Love him.

January 16, 2015

A smiling soul

This week, I saw quite a bit of California - from LA to San Francisco. It was a great trip (except for that middle brown, stinky, flat part), and even the work parts of it were fantastic. Wednesday night, we took a little jaunt down to Monterey to see the sunset over the bay. It was absolutely beautiful, and reminded me a lot of South Africa with its craggy rocks and rough waves. But it really reminded me how much of an ocean lover I am. The openness and the infinite feeling of it all just make my soul smile.


And now I'm back.

Almost immediately after getting home, we headed off to pick up C-man from wrestling practice and watch the high school match. But now it's the weekend, and I plan on spending a little time with family, doing a little laundry, heading to another of C-man's tournaments, and watching the Packers. Boom.

January 11, 2015

Go Pack Go!

Today, we spent our day at the Packers game. Such, such fun. Now, I need to pull it together and pack for California tomorrow. There really is no rest for the wicked.

January 8, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Milwaukee Public Schools was called due to cold, and we thought everyone else would be, too. However, C-man's school district was not. That was NOT a popular decision at our house this morning.
  2. Even my pink fuzzy unicorns dancing on rainbows singing didn't elicit a smile.
  3. The time has come for C-man to not be in after care at school anymore. The teacher changed (and she isn't really great with the kids), he's aging out of this, and the proverbial straw on the camel broke yesterday when all the boys were forced to sit quietly until their parents arrived and a couple of the kids were crying. Not okay.
  4. I sent my second disgruntled email to the principal this week.
  5. That is sooo not my style, and makes me totally uncomfortable. I don't even send bad food back, I hate confrontation so much.
  6. But now I'm scrambling to find an alternative solution for him. The good news is I've got his old daycare teacher who can meet him at home lined up. So that's positive. I'm just not sure if that's a long-term solution.
  7. I've started dressing to be warm and not for fashion. At least that's my current story on why I look like crap.
  8. At this weekend's game, we'll be sitting halfway up the first bowl, on the end zone, for anyone looking for us. You know, because they always show the beautiful people on camera after all.
  9. I won't be the one wearing a football bra. (Although I should stop and get C-man a cheesehead. He'd love it.) Although it is supposed to be double digit weather in the positive. Balmy!
  10. My stupid left hip has been killing me again. I'm going to really try to roll it out at the gym tonight. Although I don't know if that helps or hurts.
  11. I'm at a loss for what to do about this pain. Not that it's a consideration for me, but I really do understand the suicides due to chronic pain. There is just no escape.
  12. I think I'm going to miss not going to a wrestling tournament this weekend. They're really adorable.
  13. Have I mentioned how thankful I am the weekend is almost here?

January 7, 2015

I'm a grumpy cat

  • We were all hoping for a cold day today that never happened. Meaning, the cold happened, but the schools are in still session. 
  • The gym was slammed last night. I'm pretty sure it'll be clear of all those New Years resolutions again by the end of the month and I can have my favorite treadmill and medicine balls back.
  • I was grumpy this morning and stopped for a bagel. Because what doesn't make you happy if a bagel doesn't? Well, two bagels, apparently. I only ordered one, but got two in my bag, so got to share the happiness.
  • I've been looking for a dog. We are a dog house, and really miss having a warm fuzzy belly to rub. So imagine my glee when I thought I'd really found the right one when I came across Ben - Old English Sheepdog, young but not a puppy, abused, and now in a rescue. So I sent an inquiry. The response I got - Because I'm not in Michigan, I can't adopt him. Excuse the expression, but WTF? You have two abused animals, and a prospective home (which, if I do say so myself, is like winning the doggie lottery!), and you say no because I'm in the wrong state? But the good news is I see this morning they're listed as "pending". So hopefully they find good homes.
  • I need to keep the faith that our dog is out there. C-man and I talk about how much we need a dog every single day. We are dog people.
  • It's going to be in the 60s in the various parts of California I'm in next week. I am so far removed from that, I don't even know how to dress. Strange how that happens.

January 6, 2015

Lazily blogging by bullets again

  • I withdrew C-man from this Sunday's wrestling tournament.
  • Because we've got Packers tickets, baby!
  • Wrestling is awesome, but I've learned that the Packers are way awesomer.
  • It's supposed to be 19 degrees and snowing.
  • A veritable heat wave, people!
  • He also starts ski lessons again this Saturday.
  • I am going to try to ski, too.
  • My joints have been super achy the last couple of days, so hopefully I can do it.
  • I'm heading to California next week. Hopefully it'll be warmer.
  • It's my plan to take a picture in front of the Santa Barbara courthouse they show on Psych.
  • I've been craving ice cream. But since that's no way to lost 10 pounds, I'm depriving myself.
  • Deprivation sucks.
  • This past weekend, a week after Christmas, I overheard my kid playing Jingle Bells on his trumpet while his Jewish neighbor sang along.
  • I've started getting end of year statements for taxes. Crap. Those are coming up again, apparently.
  • Is it the weekend yet?

January 5, 2015

Namaste. Or something like that.

Breathe in the good... breathe out the bad...

January 4, 2015

Let the long slog begin

And so it begins - tomorrow we're back to work and school and the long ass grind to Easter. Man, that's depressing. The lack of sun, the cold, and the long slog with nothing to hope for is always such a long, hard grind. Maybe I should rethink my stance on new hobbies!

January 3, 2015

And now we're a wrestling family

C-man had his first wrestling tournament today. He lost one (he got pinned with only 10 seconds left in the match, but was still smiling because he scored the first takedown points), won one by 4-0 decision, and lost the final one by 9-5 decision. He was up for a while in the last match, but then lost it. Oh well.

In his second match, he popped a kid in the nose with his elbow, causing a blood timeout. Seriously, a blood timeout.

What became quickly apparent is that he's really strong and really aggressive. What also became clear is in only a month of practice, he doesn't have a lot in terms of technique yet.

But he walked away with a medal, an aching neck, and declared it to be a 9 out of 10 experience. I guess this now makes us a wrestling family.

January 2, 2015

Building a Year

With the reflecting on the past year over, it's now time to begin to once again look forward - to figure out what my intentions are for 2015. It feels like I've struggled a bit more with this than I usually do. Maybe it's because I've been so sick lately. Or that the pain has been pretty awful. Or maybe it's because last year was all about trying new things and new experiences - the play, the bees, new friends. It was fantastic, but I know it's not something I can repeat again this year. (Seriously, how many hobbies can one person have?) But I also know that I can't stagnate or un-creatively only do the same things again.

So the question becomes, how do I continue to build on and sustain all that I started in 2014 without it becoming stale or new? How do I keep my creativity and build myself into more of who I am while not burning myself out? And that's when the theme of all my thoughts started to emerge - building.

With that, here are my resolutions for 2015:

  • Add to my apiary and have 3 hives this year - Hopefully the two I already have make it through the winter!
  • Read at least 30 books - I've fallen out of reading lately, and my brain is really paying for it
  • Build up my health - This means the cliche losing 10 pounds (because it has to happen), heading to the gym at least 8 times a month so work pays for it, and not consuming alcohol (this is not a zero tolerance policy, but I'm going to skip it unless it's something big)
It's not a drastic year, but I think after last year's growth, that's fitting. So here's to building and growing!

January 1, 2015

It's 2015. Where's my hoverboard?

We talked, we laughed, we Cards with Humanityed, we champagned, we kissed, and we rang it in with friends. Happy 2015 to you and yours.