June 30, 2012

It's tournament time

Last night he went 3 for 3, with 3 RBIs, a 19-6 win and ended with me teaching him how to remove his makeup (Mo-om, it's eye black!). Today's game isn't going to be as simple. Go Yankees!

June 29, 2012

It's Friday! Whoopeee!

  • We saw the Foo Fighters last night. Epic concert of rock god-dom. I really should have taken today off, though.
  • C-man slept over at a friend's house last night so we didn't have to do the babysitter nonsense. What are the chances he's well-rested today?
  • Baseball tournaments start tonight. The Yankees have kind of a hellacious schedule to get through, and these kids are really tired. I don't see them sticking in it very long, unfortunately. I hope I'm wrong.
  • My Yankees season video is done. Well, as done as it can be. At this point it would just be swapping new photos out for older ones. Maybe they'll do something amazing in the tournament for me.
  • I'm getting my tires rotated and aligned today. I figured it was time, since if you take your hand off the wheel, the vehicle does a hard left. Not a good sign.
  • The mid-week 4th is ruining my mojo. C-man has the 4th and 5th off, whereas my work gives us the 3rd and 4th. I'm taking the 5th off, since we have a 4th party to go to.
  • I think it must be the heat that is killing me lately. My fingers are so fat, I can't wear any rings. I have been wondering how long it'll be before my co-workers start questioning the health of my marriage!
  • I'm so happy it's Friday. Ahhhh....

June 28, 2012

Summer nights

People keep complaining about the heat. I could, too. But I won't. Instead, I'm going to be happy for the warm summer nights we've been given. Thankful for the fireflies in the yard. Happy to feel the warmth on my skin without having to cover up in a thousand layers.

I really do love this fleeting summertime.

June 26, 2012

Here we go again

I think I am going to be doing my best whirling dervish impression this week. It seems like we're whipping from one thing to another, in true summer week fashion. It's tournament time in the baseball world, which is hectic and stressful. (Darn these kids for being so good this year! It was so much more laid back when we expected them to lose 15-1 and were ecstatically happy with that one run.) It's all extra practices and figuring out which day we play based on which win or loss.

Beerman and I are going to Summerfest separately for our own respective work functions on Wednesday. While his work allows and encourages him to drink beer, he is being required to stay through the 10 pm fireworks. I, on the other hand, am out of there by 3 pm. I'll take my beer at home, thankyouverymuch!

Then together, Beerman and I are going to Fight the Foo at Summerfest on Thursday. I'm not a big lover of concerts as a whole, but the Foo Fighters are one of his favoritist bands. So I will go, prepared with my Japanese body sponge to wipe up the remnants of the 95 degree heat wave that's supposed to smack us upside the head, and have fun, darnit!

In the child's hair news, he's decided this is his length of choice, as it's Aoki's hair length of choice. Which means I've got a hair cut to schedule. Whoot! It's not short like I'd prefer, but at least we're done with this growing it out nonsense.

June 24, 2012

Trying not to feel too much pity for myself

This post sucks, so here is a cute face to look at, at least. (That is, if you can see it from under all that hair)

Today is injection day. And I am desperately in need of it. I went for a bike ride while the boys went to see C-man's friend play a baseball game (apparently we don't get enough baseball?), and it was so painful for the first 2 miles - kind of like forcing un-oiled gears to move, except it was my hips and knees. At least the sweaty heat helped me push through it a bit, as I feel a smidgen better.

The injection process is so bittersweet. I crave the injection because it makes me feel better but hate it, too, mostly because of the side effects. I'm losing some memory from it. I used to be so good at facts and names, and now it feels like they are just beyond my reach. And my ability to focus is rapidly declining, which affects everything. My stomach ulcers have been in full force, causing a cascade of other ailments.

So every time I go to take another shot out of the fridge to jam into my stomach, I question if it's worth it. But then I look around, and realize that even though I'm forgetful and have a hot poker in my belly, at least I can do stuff with my family. Someday they'll come out with a better solution, right?

June 22, 2012

It's Friday. It's Friday! It's FRIDAY!

I can't even explain how happy I am to have this week almost behind me. Whew! Bring on the weekend!

June 21, 2012


Honestly, how in the world is it not Friday yet?

June 20, 2012

Wednesday fluff and stuff

I ordered some summer shirts, because I need them badly. They're all striped. Apparently this is my summer of stripes.

Still no word on my car. They said July sometime, but I was kind of hoping it'd come sooner than that. Alas.

I'm working from home today, so C-man and I got to sleep in. We both needed that. I think he's going through yet another growth spurt, since he's been the emotional equivalent of a 14 year old girl and eating second dinners. And our having been out late the last few nights wasn't helping matters.

I ordered C-man an Aoki baseball card. You'd think you could find one of those at the stadium with the 2012 Brewers baseball card sets. But you'd be wrong.

We have some friends coming over Friday. They're Brazilian and South African, so we decided meat would be a good option. We're still debating which variety.

The problem with working from home is there is no one to make me lunch. I'd really like a live-in cook for when Beerman's at work.

June 19, 2012

Happy times

Last night we braved the heat to go see the Brewers play the Jays. Oh, who am I kidding? We slogged out to the game in Godforsaken sticky heat so C-man and his fellow Yankees could walk around Miller Park prior to the game. The annual pilgrimage around for a hat full of Miller Park dirt was made. And they were so happy. Beerman walked with them this year, playing the role of chief cat herder.

It being a 7:10 start time, 95 degrees, and the first day of summer camp, we left after the sausage race. But we got C-man a ball holder for this year's game ball, and I got my Brewers tube socks I'd been coveting. Such good, happy times. I love summer.

June 18, 2012

I need a nap

I didn't post on Fathers Day because we were busy doing this.
And, of course, also this.
It was a really nice weekend. And today we're back to the grind. It is C-man's first day of the usual summer camp. And tonight the Yankees walk around Miller Park before the game in the 90 degree heat wave, which will be brutal but adorable. So much fun, but I am so exhausted, I could use another weekend!

June 16, 2012

Another day, another game

Another weekend, another baseball game. It got rained out in the bottom of the 3rd, which was kind of a blessing since the kids had no pep and were down by 2. The most disappointing part was the kid who never gets a hit got a hit, and I was chatting and missed recording it. Shoot! That'll teach me to be friendly. Tomorrow, they play at Helfaer Field right next to Miller Park. It should be a good time.

My back has been torturing me to the point of not letting me sleep. I gave myself a boost this morning, but that always takes a couple of days to kick in. Depending on what we end up doing for Fathers Day before the game, I may see if I can get in for a massage tomorrow to try to straighten things out.

It was a long week for everyone, and I think we all really need the quietness. The plan is to see MIB 3 tonight. Here's hoping it's better than the 2nd one.

June 15, 2012

Playing ball

Little man slugged a double tonight in the first of three games this weekend. What fun it is. They ended up tying the game though. Definitely better than a loss, as they remain undefeated.

My arthritis has really been flaring up. I've been trying to ignore it. I think I'm going to shoot up with the toxic waste a few days early to see if I can give it a jump start.

My new camera lens came today. Happy Fathers Day to me.

Harry got 2 dinners tonight. The spoiled puppy jumped wildly at the mention of dinner, so I fed him, thinking he hadn't been fed. He had been. Little liar.

Beerman and I have been watching Game of Thrones. We're up to the Season 1 finale. I'm kind of addicted, even though there is some pretty gratuitous nakedness throughout.

I'm so glad it's the weekend. I've waited all week for this.

June 14, 2012

Summer colors

I am loving the summer colors and smells. Unfortunately, I am not loving the summer sneezes. Ever since C-man was born, my allergies have magically been pretty minimal. This year, however, seems to be an exception and nothing has been very helpful. So if you see my prying my eyes open, ignore it.

My hairs are getting cut today. I've rescheduled my appointment twice due to sickness and work. (Stupid work getting in the way of my beauty!) So I am soooo overdue. I love head massage hair cut day.

I ordered a new Nikkor 70 - 300 mm camera lens for myself for Fathers Day. I figured I had a hand in making him a father so should benefit a little. Really, I just have been realizing I'm finally ready for a bigger zoom, wanted it in time before baseball tournament season, and found an absolutely screaming deal being run a few places. Jackpot! It's supposed to be here Friday.

Harry has been an increasingly sassy pooch. Beerman claims it's my fault. Which probably isn't far off. Although, he doesn't get all excited and jump in the air when I'm in the kitchen chopping stuff...

I realized that I haven't been taking many self-portraits this past month. I guess it's time to get on that project again because while it feels a bit crazy, it does help with the creativity and technique.

I dropped C-man and the neighbor off at soccer camp today. They both got out of the car and immediately started joking around with the players like they were old friends. Give my kid an audience and he'll take it!

It's so good that it is almost the weekend. I really love summer weekends.

June 13, 2012

Randomly random hump day nonsense

C-man likes the Milwaukee Wave camp a whole lot. He loves the scrimmaging the best, but isn't sure if he wants to do this as an organized sport. So I guess that's a great thing to know.

I was feeling kind of good until this week's toxic waste injection. It was also the injection that after I did it must have had some sort of muscle cramp, because it shot back out of my stomach in a giant stream reminiscent of a cut artery in a horror movie. Maybe it's just coincidence, who knows.

I got a fortune cookie the other day. The fortune said, "Work on improving your exercise routine." What a crappy fortune. Mostly, because it's 100% right on. A friend has asked to go walking at night after work while our kids hang out at the park. I think that's a pretty fabulous idea.

C-man has 3 games this weekend in the heat. It'll be interesting to see how that goes!

June 12, 2012

Is it Friday?

C-man enjoyed Wave camp yesterday. He was pretty tired last night though. We'll see how a whole week of this treats him.

I'm already ready for the week to be done. I'm kind of exhausted.

The baseball tournament schedule came out. It's hard to believe it's that time again. I don't think his team could have drawn a worse schedule. They have to play an extra game and hit the other hardest team in the league by the 2nd game. Ick.

I've been starting to put together this year's baseball video ahead of time. In theory it was to be ahead of the game. In reality, I think it means I'm going to end up doing and redoing it three times since I have more time.

Beerman is slowly recovering from his crud. It sure would be nice to have us all healthy at once. Especially with Father's Day coming up.

Although Fathers Day will be spent at a baseball game.

Is it Friday yet?

June 11, 2012

From inside my cube walls

I need to come up with a constructive project to do for the summer. Beerman has been working feverishly (both literally and figuratively this week) on the fish tank. C-man is sometimes around, but mostly not. And I'm feeling kind of mentally unchallenged. The toilets need to be scrubbed and the laundry washed, but really, that's not how I want time to pass me by. I have so many options, but am not sure where to focus my energy.

C-man started summer camp fun today. He's at the Milwaukee Wave camp this week until his regular summer camp starts next week. It's an absolutely beautiful day out. Something I only notice from the ambient light coming over my cube walls, but noticed nonetheless.

There are only two more weekends of regular season baseball left. My, how time flies! But then, of course, it's tournament time, so who knows how much we really have left. C-man is really in the groove of it now, and was lamenting on Sunday that there was no baseball to be played. Atta boy.

Here's to a quick week to get us back to the weekend!

June 10, 2012

Summertime fun

Summer is here in glorious fashion - 90 degrees and sunny, the pools are open, the ponds are full of frogs, and there was no baseball to be played today. After some frog catching, we spent the afternoon at the pool with some friends. Apparently I missed a spot on my back with sunscreen. Yeouch.
C starts soccer camp with the Milwaukee Wave tomorrow. It's just for the week, but he's super duper excited. He's been asking to be in soccer, but since it's a 2-season commitment, I've been kind of reticent to join. But I feel like he's finally ready for something more organized during the non-baseball season, so this week should help us figure out if he really likes and wants to play soccer, or is just into it on the playground for fun.

June 9, 2012

Still undefeated

Another Saturday, another baseball game. The Yankees remain undefeated. And C-man even made a great tag at 2nd base. It should have ended the inning, but the ump blew the call and called the kid safe. It's kind of hard to get upset when you remember the ump is a 5th grader who is working for $15 and a hot dog. And in the end, it didn't change the final outcome of the game anyway.

Beerman has the plague that both C-man and I have gone through. It's kind of sucky to watch since we know how he feels.

I'm feeling a bit crummy of the arthritis kind. I'm planning on seeing if I can let the sun bake it out of me.

Here's to an excellent rest of the weekend.

A really good day

Yesterday, on his last day of being a first grader and being promoted with an unbelievably fantastic report card to becoming a second grader, he got a ginormous hit into a standup double to end the inning.

And with some nice defensive stuff, too, he ended up with yesterday's game ball.
It was a really good day.

June 7, 2012

Smelling the Roses

Whew, it's been some crazy work days lately. C-man and Beerman went to the Brewers game today. I'm kind of bummed I was stuck working, but at least C-man and I have the day tomorrow to hang out. Well, after his 2 hour school day. (Seriously, whoever heard of such a stupid thing? 2 stinking hours! What's the point?) He said he wants to go to the zoo together. Which really means he wants the latest moldarama grab and squashed penny. But what do I care? I love those little melted plastic animals as much as he does.

It's supposed to be a super hot one this weekend. I can't wait!

June 6, 2012

End of the First

Today is C-man's last full day of first grade. And it hasn't just been the hair and teeth that we've seen grow. It's hard to believe what a difference a school year can make.

June 5, 2012

Another day, another cough

  • This photo is of the back wall for the fish tank, complete with caves for eels and fish.
  • We voted this morning. At 7:35 a.m. we were #85 and #86 respectively. Most likely for the losing team, but at least it won't be my fault if that is the result.
  • We had the neighbor kid over for dinner last night. He was over and we were having tacos, and that's just kind of how things roll between us. He pounded 4 tacos. Beerman and I were in awe.
  • While I had to leave 2 meetings yesterday to cough up a lung, I didn't wake up from coughing last night. Progress.
  • C-man has a bowling field trip today. Who goes bowling as a field trip in June? Isn't that more of a February thing?
  • Speaking of teachers, I've got to get my act together on some gifts! I got some spices, but need to get some gift cards, too. The teacher gift thing always sneaks up on me.
  • I could use a massage. Time to schedule one.
  • I don't understand the people who say you can't complain if you don't vote. Isn't that why we vote? Why we have our system? So we can complain regardless of whether we vote? Not voting is kind of douchy, but you still get to complain.
  • I can't wait until my day off with C-man on Friday. He's going to a Brewers game with Beerman on Thursday, so we'll see what I can do for fun on Friday...

June 4, 2012

Monday Is Not Such A Funday

We wrapped up a busy weekend after 2 baseball wins, some frog catching, hanging with friends, and dunking his coach in the dunk tank. Now it's time to wrap up 1st grade. I'm hoping to wrap up this cold that sends me into coughing fits. Ick.

And for a great big smile, look at THIS.

June 3, 2012

Batting 1000

  • C-man went 5 for 5 this weekend. Further proof that new glasses were really necessary.
  • We got the patio furniture arranged, the cushions put on, and the umbrella positioned where I want it. Now if Jeeves would just bring me my mojito.
  • Harry seems mostly back to snuff since he hurt his back. We've been making him taking it slow, which he hasn't appreciated at.all. He rolled in something dead this morning. I'm sure it was just to spite me.
  • Harry got his summer shave yesterday. He's much happier and not looking at me all panty-panty and with those "Dear God, just shave me already!" eyes.
  • My cold is starting to wrap up. I'm still coughing and snotting, but much less. I don't feel like I'm completely disgusting, at least. I'm hoping it'll be gone at the end of this week.
  • It's C-man's last week of school. It's so hard to believe I'm going to have a second grader! He is still my baby, though. Friday night he called me over to the dugout to tell me he loved me. I'm guessing I won't have that much longer.
  • Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

June 1, 2012

Author's Day

This morning was Author's Day in the first grade. The students had written and illustrated their own stories, and today the parents were invited in to hear each of them read their stories to the whole group. C-man's story was titled, "Sport" and was about the boys not getting along on the playground and deciding to choose another sport to play. 3 other kids' stories were about C-man or included C-man as a dog who was the main character.

After, I sat with C-man and my adopted kid (his friend whose mother is a teacher, so went back to her classroom) and ate donut holes. Not too shabby for a Friday morning.