January 30, 2008

A Moment of Silence, please...

Hopefully, we'll see you as Obama's VP choice. Anything less would break my heart. ************************ As if -4 weren't enough, it's another extreme day of pain. This weather pattern needs to move on, and soon!

January 29, 2008

This Day Sucks More Than A Blackhole

So accuweather.com has a few indices outside of the weather. One happens to be the arthritis index. This is today’s, just in case last night’s 1 a.m. – 4:30 a.m. I’m-going-out-of-my-mind-because-I-feel-like-my-bones-are-crushing-in-on-themselves horror wasn’t enough for me: Another appropriate depiction of how I feel would be this: ******************** In other news, there's a rumor going around that NKOTB will have a reunion tour. Some are complaining it won't be official because Danny won't be there. All I've got to say is... Danny Who? So I think I will pass, with my dignity intact and my pants unrolled at my ankles.

January 27, 2008

January 22, 2008

Pink Eyes of Elephants

C-man is home today with pink eye. So between trying to work (this is the craziest week of work - one day off is killing me), putting drops in his eyes every 2 hours (which makes him giggle hysterically, so he closes his eyes, making the task impossible and even more hysterical) and making Play-doh elephants, I'm putting the term "multitasking" to its test. On the good side, I'm able to get a bunch of laundry done I wasn't able to get to this weekend. I know, lame, but it makes me happy to have it done. I think if his eyes clear up enough so he doesn't look like a drug addict, I might take him to Lowes so he can run around a bit and burn off this energy.

January 20, 2008

This Hurts

C-man blessedly slept in until 8 a.m. today. Too bad he didn't feel like sleeping from 1 a.m. - 4 a.m. Gee, that would have been swell. But apparently I ask for too much these days, so I am going with the "take what I can get" theory. Did I mention that despite going to Urgicare 2 days ago because he was getting an ear infection and being turned away, he woke up with gunky eyes and ears today? Ugh... Beerman is on his way to the game. I'm very happy he's going, because it's something he loves to do. But selfishly, I keep thinking "Oh God, any day but today". I have been left behind in my own puddle of pity and pain while my 2 year old does the "Mom-Mom-Mommy-look at this Mommy-Come here Mommy-You can be Princess Presto and I'll be Super Why-Let me sit on your lap Mommy-Mommy-Mom-Mom-Mommy-Let's play backhoes-Where's my smoothie rock-Let's play baseball-Mommy you can be Bandit and I'll be Spirit..." So I am putting myself back in the running for Parent of the Year and letting him watch not just 20 minutes of Super Why, but an hour, while I somehow try to get some laundry clean for the week. I don't even feel like I've got a rope left to hang on to anymore. Go Pack Go!


January 19, 2008

Go Pack Go!

I love Ryan Grant.
Beerman will be at the game tomorrow. C-man has been sobbing because he wants to go too. I told him, with -15 windchill, we'll have a much better seat at home with popcorn. He's not entirely convinced, although the mention of popcorn pushed the sobs to whimpers. Meanwhile, Beerman is pulling out all his hunting clothes, trying to figure out which combination of layers will make him warm. I told him, "none of them".
I need to get groceries tomorrow because we're out of fresh stuff. It's so cold, I just might have to not do that, though. Brrr!
I watched the Namesake today. The book is so fabulous, I've read it numerous times. It's always hard to make something that good on paper something worthwhile in film. I think Beerman got tired of me explaining "what they missed".
Beerman is heading to South Carolina later this week. At least he'll be warm.
Stay warm!
P.S. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Ryan Grant.

January 9, 2008

Grrrr... Car Seats

C-man is 38 lbs. Yes, this puts him in the 90th percentile for weight. (He's 88th percentile for height, so it's at least right both ways). That makes him 2 lbs. from being at the limit of every reasonable car seat. So what are our options?
A) Put him in a booster seat 1 full year before it's legal.
B) Keep him in his current seat and just be over the limit.
C) Purchase an overpriced Britax car seat that goes to 65 lbs.
We chose option C: Does this look like $300 to you? Now really, $300 for a damned car seat?!? You've got to be frickin' kidding me!! So for drills, I looked at what a 40 lb. 4 year old (the age at which you can legally, and supposedly safely, go into a booster seat) comes out in the percentiles. It's the 70th percentile. So yes, an above-average big kid, even at 4. However, that means 30% of boys are over the limit of almost every single car seat out there. So ridiculous, I can't even express myself.

January 6, 2008

Political Musings

As far as I'm concerned, the Republicans can continue to duke it out over who is better... Jesus or Joe Smith. Because I, for one, am solidly in love with John Edwards. And my favorite moment to date occured 3:33 into the interview with George today. Go John Go!

January 5, 2008

Jennifer's Picks

Yes, I know, I'm not Oprah. But I figure if she can pick her top things she likes from the previous month, so can I.
Kiss My Face Lavender Lotion
Paraben-free, good smelling, and works really well
Super Why!
C-mans favorite show. It makes him LOVE books. We have to record it because it's on at 9 a.m. on PBS, but that's okay. Last night he even ate dinner because we said it was the only way he could watch it. Now THAT'S something!
Silver Palate Cookbook
If you don't have this one in your arsenal, get it yesterday. It's fabulous.
Simply Vera Vera Wang pajamas
So comfy, you'll never get out of them

Homedics Back Massager with Heat

My back has been killing me. This is the only way I can sit up straight at night.

January 4, 2008


C-man's picture won the photo of the month award. So we get his picture professionally framed. That's pretty cool. My back is beyond killing me. I haven't slept more than 1 hour at a time in a week. If my back doesn't kill me, the lack of sleep sure is. But, it's the weekend. And we have no plans. That is the only thing that's going to save me. I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself.

January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Last night, C-man had his first official, traditional New Years Eve fondue. It was a giant hit. Well, the cheese or hotdogs being dipped. The broccoli... not so much:
And of course, I'm not one of those people to say, "I don't make resolutions". I LOVE New Years resolutions. So here are my top 3:
  • CREATE A HOUSEHOLD BUDGET. (I know, I know, we should HAVE one already. But that's precisely the problem! I hate the finances. Beerman hates the finances. So we're just lucky enough to have enough to not worry about it. But with an impending job loss this year, this is beyond foolish. So I'm creating a budget we can live with and stick to.)
  • LEARN THE GUITAR. (I've wanted to do this for years. So 2008 is the year that I get on it and learn how to play.)
  • SECRET. (Yes, I shouldn't have a blog and have secrets too. But trust me, I've got a third resolution that I can't publicize. Maybe someday I'll let you in on it. Then again, maybe not. But it's my 3rd one, and I'll do it.)