February 29, 2012

Not so much leaping.

Everyone is posting all these great leaping pictures and getting all philosophical about "what will you do with your extra 24 hours?" Um... After work, I'm hoping to get to Kohl's to do a couple of returns and get my new watch band sized. Then I'll go work out. And then I'll probably eat dinner and watch an episode or two of Psych on Hulu.

Because that's how I leap.

February 28, 2012


C-man lost his 3rd tooth yesterday. That tooth had been hanging out of his mouth for days now, and he was dying to lose it in school because they get a big deal made of it and get a poem sent home about his tooth boogieing out of his mouth. (Those poor teachers must see teeth flying out of kids' mouths in their nightmares.) I think he would have used a pliers just to get the thing out yesterday. And of course, his tooth fairy was short on cash, so had to stop at Walgreens and get some gum after her Being Human run. (Thank God for cash back transactions!) But it was worth it to see that gap-toothed smile this morning.

February 27, 2012

Upside down

Every time I try to get something done today, it's turned upside down, and I have to start something new. This blog post, for example, has taken me 5 hours to post. Good grief.

February 25, 2012

Circus Life

C-man had been begging us to go to a circus. And I realized that one was in town this weekend, and we didn't have any other plans, so I went online and got the tickets. We saw Pennywise the clown (sorry for that reference for my non Stephen King fans out there) and the elephant. (I couldn't help but think of Rosie the whole time)
We saw women who twirled by their hair.
We saw more clowns. (And yes, I read It in 6th grade. Shudder.)
We saw jugglers of rings, balls, big hoops and fire.
There was a tiger tamer.
We saw the crazy motorcycle stunts a la America's Got Talent.
 And the grand finale of a guy who was shot out of a canon.
But C-man's favorite? The kids who danced with boxes on their heads. Seriously. I could have saved the $200 in tickets, snow cones, pizza, cotton candy and popcorn and put a cardboard box on my head. I don't know whether I should be highly annoyed or amused.
Regardless, I do know I've fulfilled my circus quota for a while. And that, I feel good about.

Miracles do happen

C-man got his hair cut with my stylist yesterday. It's still long and shaggy like he wants, but it's not in his eyes and looks like he has a decent hair cut like I want. He was upset when we got to the salon and there were no other "dudes" there. But then one showed up, and he got to get his hair washed and head massaged, and then everything was cool. "Mom, my hair is so soft, I feel like Harry!"

I had my physical this week. I was overdue, plus my work gives me a $300 check to do a wellness physical before March 1. While there, my doctor very firmly told me I need to do some major weight training to combat this arthritis and arthritis treatment nonsense. Something I knew intuitively before but didn't understand quite how important it was until she showed me some pretty major recent studies. So much for any remaining excuses on that front.

We're heading to the circus tonight. I haven't been to a circus in years and years. I remember my first one vividly. I was C-man's age, and my Mom and I went to Green Bay with the Brownies. I don't remember liking it very much. Since then, I think the only other traditional non-Cirque du Soleil circuses I've seen were at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo. We'll see how this one goes. If nothing else, we can check it off the list as something he's done.

Off to get Harry to the park before he dies of exasperation at his lazy owners.

February 24, 2012

Today is a great day

C-man and I have the day off.
I slept in until 7:30 and C-man slept until 8:30.
My bonus for the year just paid out.
And it was bigger than they originally told us it would be.
C-man is getting his hair cut by my stylist.
It snowed big, beautiful, wet snow.
It'll be 40 on Sunday, so I don't have to use the snow blower.
I finally got my jensconsin.com domain for myself.
It's Cub Scout night, which means I get 3 hours alone.

February 23, 2012

In the palm of my hand

C-man and I have the day off tomorrow. I was planning on going to Loyola to see about their phd program, but after some more exploration, I don't think it's the right fit. Despite earlier conversations with the adviser, upon talking with a professor in the department, I've learned it's really academia-based in its intentions. And since I have no intention of working in a k-12 system.ever.I don't think I need to waste my time.

But what it means is C-man and I have the entire Friday to waste together doing something fun. Oh, the possibilities are endless...

February 22, 2012

Little Roy

C-man brings his school work home every day so we can see how he did. Yesterday, he wrote a story to Little Roy, our Royal Plecostomus and then came home to read it to him. This is Roy enjoying his story.

In other fun stuff, we put together a table for the school's spring trivia contest. Cocktail hour starts at 6:30, there are no kids allowed, you are encouraged to bring your own drinks and snacks, and try to answer 2 hours of useless trivia with friends. Sounds like a great time to me!

This spring's enrichment program at C-man's school was Korean drumming. Apparently they had a "performance" yesterday. And apparently I was the only parent who missed that memo that I was supposed to be there, as I was informed in the car on the way home from school. Just one more thing for him to bring up at therapy later in life.

It's a beautiful day outside and I'm stuck in cubeland with people eating nonstop. At least I'm not in a leadership training class like Beerman and then forced to go eat dinner at a bad chain Italian restaurant.

February 21, 2012

Setting Sail

It's Fat Tuesday. The last day of gluttony before the fast. The day when around the world, people are dressed up and dancing and drinking and having fun; gorging themselves on pancakes; or dropping sugary, raisin-filled donuts into the lard. The day when I sit at my desk and write a course for a topic that makes me a little ill. But I digress.

I asked C-man what he was going to do differently to remember that it was Lent. He first decided he wasn't going to have the Baskin Robbins Wild and Reckless sherbet. We decided that was a little weak since it's only a once a week thing. Then he decided he was banning all sweets. I suggested it just be chocolate, as all sweets was a little harsh, but he stuck to the all sweets thing. Then on the ride home from school last night, he said, "Mom, I think I'm going to just skip chocolate." Apparently he was thinking about what "all sweets" really meant.

I'm going to exercise every day and give up chocolate. The chocolate abstinence because I'm an addict, and the daily exercise because I feel like I need to appreciate the season a bit more. And focusing on and appreciating my health is significant on several fronts.

I hope you're enjoying your Fat Tuesday, whatever tradition you're following.

February 17, 2012

It's finally here

I'm so thankful the weekend is almost here. C-man has a birthday party tomorrow and baseball, of course, on Sunday. Other than that, it's 2 whole days of freedom.

February 16, 2012

Thursday Thirteen Bits and Bytes

  1. I ditched acupuncture. Came right out and told them they did me no good. I don't think anyone has ever told them that before, because they weren't the nicest about it. I'm suspecting a call from the acupuncturist himself will be coming soon.
  2. On the way into work, I was listening to an NPR episode about how the DOD is covering acupuncture for wounded warriors. Interesting concept.
  3. I am pretty sure I have an ulcer again. The only thing I don't have trouble eating is oatmeal. I've been eating a whole lot of oatmeal lately. It's definitely not my favorite thing to eat.
  4. I switched from gym A to gym B because gym B is more family friendly - better pool, better kid-friendly gym hours, an area specifically for kids - But it's only so-so with regards to being an adult workout center. This was made really apparent when I went for my usual Monday night Being Human run and realized the TVs are only on the ellipticals.
  5. The elliptical said I burned 580 calories, but I don't buy it. 580 calories on a bike or treadmill, and I'm jelly legged and need to refill my water at least once. 580 calories on the elliptical and I barely needed any of my water. It was like workout lite.
  6. I've signed up for the Loyola PhD program open house later this month. It's still an exploratory search, but I feel better about this program than any other I've seen so far.
  7. I got a dozen red roses delivered to my work for Valentines Day this week. Cliche? Totally. Overpriced? Without a doubt. Fabulous? Absolutely.
  8. C-man has not relented in his quest for long hair. And I have not relented in my distaste for it, yet I will not die on this sword. Instead, I've made an appointment for him with my stylist to see what she can do to his mop of hair while it grows out. Because while I am unwilling to make a simple head of hair a bigger deal than it is, I will not let him look like crap either. And so, we compromise. Him to grow out his shag, and me to let him do it as long as it looks nice. I wonder if he'll get a head and hand massage, too.
  9. I've started wearing lipstick again. I used to wear it when I was young and dumb. Then I had a baby and got out of the habit of it because it would just get kissed all over him. So now I'm back full-time. And I think I kind of like it. Plus, I am consistently getting compliments on looking good even on days I'm feeling like garbage. Red lips it is.
  10. Lent starts next week. So apparently I'm making the most of it by stuffing my face with chocolate as hard as I can. I'm going to end up looking like a teenager before this is over. Strike that, a fat teenager.
  11. A yoga studio opened by the house. It really is the end to my internal excuses about there being no yoga close by. I need to go try it out. This double chin isn't going to lose itself.
  12. Since we got Hulu Plus, I don't think we've watched live TV. Even better, the whole family is addicted to Psych and finding the pineapple. Good stuff.
  13. It's felt like an incredibly long work week, and I didn't really work much on Monday. That's telling.

February 15, 2012


Lately, it seems like so many around me are in a negative funk. I've never been Priscilla Positive, and I know this is kind of a blah month with little going on in terms of distractions, but it seems out of the ordinary. More so, when I'm not feeling this way and am in stark contrast to what's going on. Even worse, is that when I listen to the negative blather, complaints and self-destructive behavior, when I have to listen to the exact same story...again...simply because the person is desperately trying to convince everyone around her to be on her side because she's clearly right, I find myself wanting to shake the person and yell, "Then stop being an ass!" or "Do you even remember why you hate this person in the first place?" or "You married him for a reason - and it wasn't because he was the most despicable person on the planet, so cut it out!"

It's so easy to point the finger at someone else. So easy to blame someone else for your troubles. But why aren't these people seeing the trouble they are causing, or continuing to keep snowballing, with their awful, vindictive or unforgiving attitude? Why don't we assume the best in people instead of the worst? Why are we starting from a place of assuming we're always right and the other person is always wrong? Why are we assuming the intent is negative or disingenuous, when maybe you just misunderstood what was happening to begin with? Can't we just forgive someone for a screw up and move on without it becoming a preposterously large argument? Or just realize you have absolutely nothing in common no matter how badly others want you to, so you just move on in a respectful way? Since when is human nature all black and white?

I'm talking about little stuff, but bad stuff, too - I'm seeing marriages go bad, kids hate their parents, siblings fighting - all because people can't let go of the idea that they are superior in their rightness.

I'm hoping it's just a February thing. Because I've got better things to do with my time. Like get my kid's ear healed up so he can swim again, and talk baseball, and smell the beautiful red roses that I got yesterday.

Life is short. So if you're being an ass, just cut it out. Goosfraba, people. Goosfraba.

February 13, 2012

Krispy Fry and Other Sundry

Once upon a time we went to the fish store. And then afterward, we went to Krispy Kreme for a donut. (Because Krispy Kreme is the other side of the city from where we live and when we're anywhere nearby, let alone next door, I do NOT turn down a good greasy donut) And then C-man named his new fish Krispy. Fast forward a couple of months for that tiny speck of a fish to mature and discover that he was put in the tank with a female version of him, and we now have Krispy fries. Lots and lots of little tiny kribensis, much to C-man's delight. I was expecting a lot more questions about how that happened, but haven't gotten any. For now, we're just all excited we have a tank full of baby fish.
I'm home today with C-man. We went into the walk-in clinic yesterday because he was in such awful pain and his ear was oozing gunk. Apparently he has inner ear AND ear canal infections. Which is delightful. And not at all gross since I'm the one he's deemed to be the only one who should regularly clean it out for him. (Dry heave) He's quite a bit better today mood-wise and was able to mostly sleep last night, but it was a hard sell sending him to school when his ear is oozing all that nastiness onto his shirt. Plus, I think one more day of playing bowling and watching the Pink Panther episodes will probably do his body some serious good.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. At least C-man has all his Valentines written out. I wish I did.

February 11, 2012

Free Day

The boys are at Cub Scout camp today. They aren't doing the overnight because C-man has been sick - snotty nose and a fever this week with what we suspect is an ear infection. But I almost teared up a little when they left, because they're at the camp I was Director of for a few years. That was one of the hardest jobs I've ever had - starting at 23 years old with only 2 weeks notice, managing both a Boy Scout and Cub Scout program that I'd never personally experienced, in a camp filled with repeat campers and their expectations, a kitchen that served lunch each day with a "chef" who was less than worthy of the job, a cantankerous camp ranger I had to win over, a staff of 25, all while wearing olive green socks. And it was also one of the jobs I remember with most fondness. I had to quit because I met and got engaged to Beerman, and he quickly informed me he wasn't moving out to Boy Scout camp 4 months a year. The things you do for love, I guess.

I am well aware of what the problems are with the organization. But there is so much good to it, that I feel it way outweighs the negative. I saw kids who were constantly fighting with their parents come to camp as a counselor for the entire summer and be my absolute best kids because they had a specific purpose and we trusted them wholly. I saw kids come to camp and sob the first night with homesickness and by the end of the week ask if they could stay for another. I saw kids learn to do things they wouldn't have learned elsewhere. And while I don't know if learning about beekeeping changed any of their lives, it did mine. Because those summers taught me so much then, that I find I'm still using those lessons in how I deal with C-man.

So now, I have the day free to myself. Well, except for the time I need to spend taking Harry to the park, because he's not letting up on that idea. But I sure hope they have a smashing good time at one of my favorite places.

February 10, 2012

Quiet snowfall

Strangely enough, I've missed the snow. The lack of cold is fine, but that overall mucky, brown, yuk hasn't been fun. And there's something so insulated and hushed when the snow falls that is kind of nice. It's been a really pleasant morning, working in the quiet at my kitchen counter, watching the snow fall. I really needed this.

February 9, 2012

Jiggity jig

I am home. In the land of the brownish muck and winter jackets. No more palm trees. No more warm breezes and sweet water sounds across my balcony. And I couldn't be happier. I was so tired of this week's work stuff. More than I ever have been. My crappy health definitely has something to do with my irritability about it all. As does the fact that this isn't my first trip this month. So now it's time to hug up my boys (the littlest one seems to have an ear infection), eat some comfort food, and throw the stinky clothes down the chute for the house elves to resolve later. It's good to be home.

February 8, 2012

Time to go

It's been a long week. I've been working in Orlando. Long, long days of meetings followed by forced fun activities with co-workers who drink in abundance after. Two beers and I'm so uncomfortable and swollen, that it isn't worth it. But I did get to eat outside a couple of times, something I'm not doing in Wisconsin. And I did get to see Tom Papa and Jerry Seinfeld, which was great. I've taken no photos, because it's hard to explain lugging a big camera around. And quite honestly, a day without photos is kind of sad. And today, C-man was sick, and I was here. That sucked. So it's fair to say that I am more than ready to get back. Maybe next year we'll make it a Disney weekend, but for this year, I'm heading home to my family. And I can't wait.

Wordless Wednesday: Wishes

February 7, 2012

Kind of exhausting

I'm at a week-long work annual meeting in Orlando. I find these things so exhausting. There's the all-day sitting and listening. And then the all-night partying. Neither of which I'm in to these days. Partly because i feel like garbage and can't drink even one drink or i get really ill, and partly because i just don't enjoy partying with co-workers. Bleh. Last night was a little more subdued, as I opted for dinner with a few co-workers instead of a grand affair at Epcot or Downtown Disney. Tonight is the mandatory fun event. The headliner is secret, but I've been told by a solid source that it rhymes with Seinfeld. Or maybe that's his real name. But shhh... don't tell, because it's a secret. It's always a big competition about what you wear. And since I'm chubby, I am not really feeling that either. At least the food has been good. Hmmm... Maybe that's why I'm chubby. Only 2 more days of this...

February 6, 2012

Traveling Man

I'm heading to Orlando today. Whoopee. 4 crazy days in a hotel with co-workers. At least I don't have to share a room.

February 5, 2012

Super Sunday

It's baseball practice followed by a Superbowl. Not that I care about these teams, but a party with friends who highly encourage everyone to gamble on the game is always worthwhile.

February 4, 2012


People often try to be helpful. Like the lady in the Target check-out line who kept grabbing my stuff to put it in my cart after it was scanned. Except she kept putting it on the bottom of the cart or in the corner of the cart to make sure there was enough room without anything being piled on top of something else.

Normally, I'd take this as someone trying to be helpful. Today is not normal. Well, maybe it unfortunately is.

I'm in rough shape. My hands are stiff and my body hurts. Going through the nightmare of Target was enough of a chore (I couldn't put off getting toilet paper and paper towel another day though) without the added burden of having to bend down to get things out of the recesses of the cart. But that's what was happening. And I don't know what to say when stuff like this happens. If I ask her to stop, I sound like a jerk. If I say, Hey, I know I'm 35 and you're much older than me, but bending over is kind of a process today, I sound like I'm asking for pity. So I let it happen and get considerably annoyed by it as it happens.

It's just one more piece of this disease. I can deal with the pain. But when others get in the way of me being able to function, I don't react very well. It's a true lesson in patience that I guess I haven't quite mastered yet.

February 3, 2012

Rambling along

I got my fix-it ticket for not having a registered plate, fixed. (Follow that?) But now I have to get my engine light that is simply a sensor error and not something wrong with the vehicle but I haven't fixed it because it's a $1500 repair fixed or the car won't pass emissions. I don't know what I hate more - the DOT or this vehicle.

Harry and I both got groomed today. Me to get rid of my grays, him to enhance his. We're both stunningly beautiful now, although he smells decidedly better.
C-man really wants to spend his allowance money on hermit crabs. They seem relatively easy, but they stink a little. I don't know if I want stinky crabs in my house. But he's sort of stuck on this. Maybe for his birthday if he's still on this kick in a month.

I've discovered another reason I love the Roku player Troy bought. There's a Pandora app that I can play through the TV while I'm working at home. Sweet!

I'm quitting acupuncture. I bailed on last night's appointment. I just don't see the point. But these offices are so cultish, I don't know how to do it and then have them leave me alone.

I've been feeling like total crap this week. I'm due for another shot on Tuesday. Maybe I'll cheat and shoot up on Sunday, since it's either that or Thursday when I get home.
Which sucks, because I'm kind of mentally obsessed with getting my sweater done and can't because my hands are so stiff. You know, since I only started it in August on my way to Japan and all.
Enjoy your weekend. And Go Pack. Oh yeah, right...

February 2, 2012

Thursday Thirteen Thingies

  1. I decided to be done with acupuncture. I'd given my twice weekly for 3 months commitment and returned with zero results. So they switched up the routine and are giving me 3 weeks for free. Who am I to turn down free?
  2. I'm pretty sure I'll be done with acupuncture in 3 more weeks.
  3. The chiropractor is the only one who makes me feel good. I just need to have a standing date with that guy.
  4. It's groundhog's day. The day when a rodent determines whether we'll have 6 more weeks of winter. But I want to know which rodent is going to explain the last 6 weeks of mostly non-winter!
  5. I've been faithfully running to Being Human each Monday. I could easily stream it the next day, but this way is better. I need to find another show on Wednesday or Thursday to get me to do it a second time each week.
  6. Harry had his annual checkup on Monday. He is showing no signs of a heart murmur (he has a hole in his heart and we were told he wouldn't make it past 5 when we got him), no cataracts, and zero health issues. Apparently lots of love, a regular second dinner, daily walks, and many naps is the secret to success.
  7. I've been working on C-man's Valentines. Nobody else is as thrilled about them as me. Figures.
  8. We got invited to three parties on Sunday. I feel obligated to attend one because it's the Superbowl, but I really don't care about any of it. At least it'll be fun with some good friends.
  9. I'm on the road again next week to the blight on the earth that is Orlando. I'm hoping for good sunshine during the breaks, at least.
  10. Today is dress up and grandparents day at school. C-man was so excited to have ice cream with his Nana. He was also excited to wear a sweater I'd knit for him. I was just happy it still fit.
  11. Because the shoes I bought for him to go to the Christmas concert in December don't fit anymore. Oy!
  12. I volunteered to start and run a plant sale fundraiser for the school. I have the wholesale prices, but am at a loss for how much to sell them for retail + fundraiser. Any idea what a flat of annuals goes for? I really should have paid more attention when I bought them last year.
  13. I really don't want to do another school fundraiser, but it officially gets me out of the rummage sale business. And if I can make another grand or so for the school, it's worth it.