April 30, 2015

Goodbye, April

The A's had another game last night. C-man hit another giant bomb his first at bat - out to right center. And he got his wish for another team to shout, "Get back!" when he approaches the plate. They were ahead until the 5th inning. And then it all fell apart, including C-man's hitting when he struck out. Damn. But, he did step in to pitch the last strikeout of the game, which was a good way for him to end it. It was another learning experience.

In other news, my giant hopes of a pain doctor fixing me were totally dashed this morning when he told me he couldn't help me. He gave me two prescriptions for narcotics and a bunch of orders for ridiculous tests and physical therapy. I took the scripts, because why not. But when a guy tells you he can't help you, I don't need thousands of dollars of tests to reiterate that. I could just cry.

April 29, 2015

Hump Day

I broke down and got an appointment with a chronic pain specialist. I use the term 'broke down' intentionally, because it truly feels that way. Like there's no other option anymore and I'm physically at my most broken down point. But I'm going to try someone new because as smart as the rheumatologist I was seeing is, I just don't feel like I can go back to him just to have him throw toxic drugs at a dartboard and hope one sticks. Especially since I'm the dartboard. And especially since I don't think he was looking at the big picture. I'm convinced something has been missed in the equation that is me. It has to have been.

But truthfully, I don't have hope for much working anymore, and it's really weighing heavily on me. Before it gets too hopeless, I feel like I need to try something else. And so, this is it. Here goes nothing.

In the meantime, the A's have a game tonight. It's one of those years when you pray they just don't get slaughtered.

April 28, 2015

This is not a good post

Spoiler Alert: This is not a positive post.

There are times when the physical pain is just almost too much to bear. Lately, it's been too much. I can't sleep. I can't move. Food doesn't even taste good. I need to get some weight off, which would help with the pain, but movement brings tears to my eyes. I don't think it's ever been this bad. I'm just totally exhausted. Sigh. Time to see a new doctor and see if I can get a different answer.

April 27, 2015

And now, this.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend. Baseball and car rides and confirmation and house cleaning. It was nice to see my family. And now, the week begins.

April 25, 2015

Opening Day

It was opening day. As planned, C-man caught for most of the game.

Except when he pitched. He actually did pretty well, especially when you realize he hasn't pitched at all since his cast only came off Wednesday.

What was surprising was his hitting. He got a nice single, and then hit two bombs to left. He made it home on the first one due to a fielding error. He could have made the second one all the way around, too, but the coach held him back. Still pretty cool, and he was a very happy boy.

Unfortunately, despite that, the A's got hammered, with all 5 runs coming from C-man's hits. It may be a long season team-wise. But I'm going to be optimistic anyway. Let's Go A's!

April 24, 2015

Glorious Friday

It's Friday. I'd planned on working from home, which was a great decision because, well, working from home is great. But also because C-man isn't feeling well. Something is going around at school, so I gave him an ibuprofen and tucked him back into bed for the day. I'm hoping it's something he can sleep off and isn't too contagious. Because, of course, while Beerman was away last night, he crawled in bed and snored on top of me all night.

In other news, it's the weekend. Which means after baseball practice and a birthday party C-man is supposed to have his first baseball games, barring it doesn't snow like is in the forecast. (Yikes!) Sitting on those bleachers is going to be miserable. If he even gets to any of that... pending how he's feeling.

Oh, the joys of Spring. But at least it's Friday. Glorious, glorious Friday.

April 23, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. C-man got his cast off yesterday. Boy, was he thrilled.
  2. We celebrated with a Snickers Blizzard. Because really, what else says celebrate your cast free day like Snickers and ice cream?
  3. His scrimmage was cancelled due to the cold. Happy Earth Day.
  4. Tonight he has the rescheduled scrimmage. Which is good, because he'll be able to play.
  5. He hasn't hit a ball in almost a year. This could be interesting.
  6. My bees aren't coming this weekend. Cold weather in the West coast is delaying their arrival.
  7. While a little sad, overall I'm okay with it, since it's been so cold.
  8. Also, because it means I get to see C-man's Saturday baseball game before driving north. That makes me happy.
  9. Did you see the people who got sick at the Ohio church potluck? I'm very sorry for them, but seriously, I told you so. Casseroles and potlucks are disgusting. Just say no.
  10. I have photos of places I've been all over my work area. They're old. I need new ones.
  11. We're looking at the Traverse City area for summer vacation. But that's a long time yet. I need something sooner.
  12. You'd never know I was already on vacation this month.
  13. I think this shoulder is exhausting me. I'm glad it's almost the weekend.

April 21, 2015

So there's that to talk about

  • This is C-man's favorite dog at the dog park. Her name is Penny. She was a rescue, and now prefers to lay around and have her soft ears and tummy rubbed. Lucky for her, C-man is more than happy to oblige.
  • The other day, C-man had about 5 dogs around him, all with their bellies in the air to be rubbed. So much for the owners' plans to get their dogs exercised.
  • Beasley was not one of those dogs because he was too busy racing around the park like a maniac.
  • Tomorrow's supposed to be the day the cast comes off for good. I don't know what we're going to do if it has to stay on.
  • This weekend is opening weekend of Little League baseball. Having a cast on is not an option.
  • It's also bee weekend. As in, I get three 3 pound packages of bees and 3 queens to put in my hives.
  • I still have to set up my new hive, which also means I still need to get some weed block and mulch. Oh, so much to do!
  • In the meantime, I need to get through this week. This lame, sleety, cold, nasty, work week. Ugh. Come on, weekend!

April 20, 2015

This sucks

Inflammation is high in my body right now. And I've noticed when that gets high, I have issues beyond the pain. I definitely don't sleep well. And maybe it's the lack of sleep, or maybe it's the inflammation itself, but I feel completely nuts when this happens. As in completely irrational crazy. I start to fear things that don't normally cross my mind, and I can't focus on anything. I feel completely nuts. And I know it's inflammation related, because the second the flare goes down, so does the crazy. It's making me think I need to go back to a rheumatologist. Which I am loathe to do, because all they do is shoot me up with more toxic crap. But I can't live like this - worried about nonsense I can't control. And I definitely need to sleep. Ugh. This sucks.

April 19, 2015


Beerman's home from his week away. My shoulder is hurting more post-PT exercises than before, once again just confirming that these medical people don't know any more than the rest of us. Today's about relaxing and dog parking and watching Luchadora at First Stage. It should be pretty solid.

April 17, 2015

Me and Myself

It was one of those days when I realized I was starving. And then I thought about it. The kid was fed. The dog was fed. The fish were fed. But nobody fed me.

And therein lies the major downfall of Beerman traveling for work. I need someone to take care of me, because clearly, I don't know how.

April 16, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. C-man got notice that his petition was approved to play with the 6th grade football team this fall. Dear Lord. How did I get a child who not only is playing tackle football, but playing up a level?
  2. I was really smart and only primed the parts of my hive I'll need right away. While it's double mess when I have to do the rest, I didn't have to sprawl out everywhere. See, once in a while I'm pretty smart.
  3. My hive stand is supposed to arrive tomorrow, which means everything will be ready to go. Whoot! Well, after I paint the hive parts tonight, that is.
  4. Beasley has not been happy about not going to the dog park daily.
  5. If only he wouldn't run off and chase cars, I could get him to the closer, but not fenced in, dog park daily. Dummy.
  6. I've contacted a few dog trainers to help us, but none have responded. Annoying.
  7. I went to my first PT appointment for my shoulder today. They put an electric stimulation patch on my shoulder for the afternoon. So bizarre.
  8. C-man is down to less than a week before he should get this cast off.
  9. Gosh, I hope it's really off for good, or he's going to lose his mind.
  10. He had a big band concert today at the local Catholic High School, and couldn't go because he can't play his trumpet. Such a bummer over a finger.
  11. Fitbits are on a big sale at work. So low of a price, I was seriously tempted to buy one. But I really think they're so ugly, I can't bear to do it.
  12. I bought a new season of First Stage tickets for C-man and me. I was smart and planned around Packers Sundays, skiing Saturdays, and wrestling Sundays. Thank goodness for a few Friday evening performances!
  13. Only one more week and I can purchase our Alcatraz tickets for our summer visit to San Francisco.

April 14, 2015

The important stuff

Someone stopped me yesterday to tell me I was her inspiration at home. Imagine my surprise when she was mentioning the similarities - same workplace, only child, family is important... But an inspiration? With my messy house and crazy life and exhausted body? It wasn't about that, though. It was about how much fun we have. How many things we do together as a family. And how it seems we focus on the important things.


So I got to thinking about that. And while I wouldn't go as far as to think of myself as an inspiration, because seriously - that's pretty crazy, I am pleased with the love and happiness we feel in our house. And that's a good feeling, to be able to sit and recognize what it is that we're doing something right once in a while.

So while I may complain about my clutter and the dirty socks left on the ground and my aching back... it's good to know we still love one another and can fill the house with laughter for whoever happens to stop by.

April 13, 2015

This Monday is not fun

  • C-man already broke his new cast.
  • I'm back at work today. It's a good thing I like my job for the most part, because this sucks.
  • Almost as bad as having to deliver 8 performance reviews. Shoot me.
  • I'm wondering how Beasley is taking not going to the park and having a gang of boys play with him all day.
  • Speaking of Beasley, his old owners want more pictures of him so they can frame them. I'm torn between that being cool and weird.
  • My hive boxes are supposed to arrive today. I hope I can get them painted and set up this week before my bees come.
  • I'm really missing my nap.

April 10, 2015

Still on staycation

  • Last night was the end of the year wrestling banquet. C-man got the newbie award for the best first year kid. He was thrilled.
  • I even got recognized for all the photos I took all year. Which was surprisingly kind of embarrassing to have to go in front of everyone. But quite thoughtful.
  • It was a great time for C-man to get his new cast loaded up with signatures. It took the sting away of having a new cast just a little bit.
  • I can hardly believe this week off is almost done. What a drag.
  • We're heading to the Brewers game tonight. Let's hope we see their first season win!

April 9, 2015

Rainy days

  • We went to Chicago yesterday. It was a day of trains, cabs, museums, Niketown, Eataly, and home again. A good day away.
  • Today, C-man went to get his hand checked. The old cast came off. Unfortunately, a new one got put on for two more weeks. He was devastated.
  • At least this cast won't stink for a few days.
  • Tonight's the wrestling banquet potluck. We're bringing two 9x13 pans of macaroni and cheese Beerman made.
  • Have I mentioned how much I usually hate potluck food? At least I'll have good mac and cheese.
  • It's rained a ton. Okay, a little over 2.5 inches. And as much as I hate weather talk, this is more flood talk. I've really come to hate spring rain.
  • Beasley wasn't afraid of the storms at all, which was fabulous. He does, however, hate not going to the park.
  • The entire family snuggling on the bed and watching Parks and Rec wasn't too shabby, though.
  • I missed my own rotator cuff therapy appointment to take C-man to his cast appointment. At the risk of being a big fat baby, my shoulder hurts really bad. Stupid shoulder.
  • How did this week go so quickly?

April 7, 2015

Staying the cation Day 2

It's cold and crappy out, which eliminates a ton of outdoorsy stuff I'd like to be doing. But it is really good for napping, something I never do anymore, which is kind of incredible. And so, after a dog park visit, Beasley and I took a little siesta. And then I used my new colored pencils to draw a bit. Because Kelley Bees still hasn't gotten me my hives to paint and set up, even though they were ordered a month ago. (Today's email response to my inquiry about where in the hell they are informed me the order is being expedited. Does that mean they forgot about me?!) Oh well.

Tomorrow's plan is a full day in Chicago. C-man wants to see the Field Museum. Beerman wants us to all hit up Eataly. With a restaurant called Nutella, I'm pretty sure we'll be quite happy there. I just want to spend a day doing something fun, and all of that seems to fit.

I really do love this not going to work thing.

April 6, 2015

Staycation 1

C-man gets to go to the orthopedic dr to check on his fingers. I get to go to the DMV for a new license. The bills are paid. The Brewers tickets are secured. The wrestling banquet potluck is signed up for. The daytrip to Chicago is planned. And we're ready to cheer on the Brewers and the Badgers today. I really enjoy this not going to work thing.

April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

  • After the Easter basket was found, we walked the beach with my mother-in-law. The sun was amazing, and Beasley was happy to be in the sand again.
  • C-man served at Easter mass. I was a little nervous about him carrying the chalices with his cast. But considering his cast is totally broken and he can move his fingers that are supposed to be immobilized, it ended up not being a big deal.
  • The priest got shouts and applause for his mention of both the Badgers and Brewers during Easter mass. That was a first.
  • We went to Bacchus for brunch after. It was awesome.
  • And now, it's time to lay down on the couch and slug it out.
  • Happy Easter! (And Passover!)