September 9, 2016

Finding an Om

It's been such an odd week filled with highs and lows and weird happenings. It's left me uncharacteristically scattered and discombobulated. Almost like my feet aren't on the ground, but floating just above it as I drift and flit from one thing to the next, never being able to finish the last thing before I'm forced to move on to the next.

So it's back to meditation with a vengeance. (You know, as much as you can meditate with force.) Meditation has come up over and over for me recently. And I'm taking it as a sign from the universe, (as much as I take signs from the universe) that it needs to re-enter my life with some regularity. There's just too much noise going on all the time, so it's time to find some inner peace.

So don't mind me over here. I'll just be figuring out how to bring it all back to center.

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