September 28, 2016


  1. C-man is still sick. As in coughing and can't catch his breath. I took him to the doctor last night.
  2. You know, again. A week after the first time when we took him and told the doctor he was sick. 
  3. This time, she said he still wasn't sick enough, and doesn't have bronchitis or pneumonia, which were my fears. But she was convinced he was sick enough to declare it possibly whooping cough.
  4. He's been fully vaccinated, and there hasn't been a single case in the state. However, she gave him a Z-Pack, so I shut up and took the script. We find out tomorrow if he's Patient Zero.
  5. This weather is destroying my back. I still haven't gone to the spinal surgeon. It scares me.
  6. C-man informed his friends at school that I'm JenJentheGreat in Pokemon. They all knew me and my reign of terror over the local Pokegyms. Muahahahaha.
  7. We all watched every bit of the debate Monday night. It was amazing. I totally felt the Bern, and am still disappointed it went down like it did. But now, I'm so with her, I can hardly stand it. This cannot go down for that idiot pumpkin spiced latte.
  8. I had my 10 year anniversary at work Monday. I got some nice flowers and some donuts out of it. So that's something.
  9. Waking up while it's still dark in the morning is a drag. I don't know if I'm ready for this. Even Beasley is tired.
  10. C-man's game on Saturday got moved to the morning. I prefer that over a cold night game, so that's something. Although, that's when it's supposed to rain.
  11. We've got our date for teacher conferences. I think this year's meetings are going to be fascinating.

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