September 16, 2016

Raccoongate 2016

In what I'm dubbing Raccoongate 2016, I raced up north yesterday after Cousin Chad informed me there was a problem.

The hive on the left completely broke apart, and the bees swarmed. Which means they gorged on all the honey they'd stored, left a few behind, and took off to lands unknown. Damn. There are some bees left, but it seems a laying worker has taken over and is laying drones. I put it back together, but am doubtful there's anything left to salvage.

The hive on the right did such a great job gluing their boxes together with their propolis that it was mostly intact. The top super and cover was tossed, but otherwise, they appeared to be okay. I pried the boxes apart, turned it right-side up, and said a little prayer.

I went through the two back hives, and both appear to be doing well. I pulled a super off the hive on the left, as it's time to start decreasing their space as we head into winter. I'm unsure whether I'll harvest it or just give it back in Spring. But for now, it's fine in a tub in the basement.

And now, it's time to head into the weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!

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Mary Z said...

I used to think raccoons were cute - but no more! I have to bring my bird feeders and hummingbird feeders in every night. The raccoons will empty the if I don't. GRRRR!