August 31, 2015

It's definitely Monday, and I have a 5th Grader

I woke up and felt like a total cliche. I stubbed my toe going to the bathroom. The cream in my coffee curdled. I made a second cup and burned my tongue when I drank it. (I'm used to the cream cooling it off!) When I did get to drink it, it just tasted gross. Beasley wouldn't leave me alone. C-man didn't want to wake up. Somehow, I have to get through my day with back-to-back meetings and get home by 3:30 to get C-man off the bus and Beasley to the park and then homework done and then C-man to practice so I can get to rehearsal trusting the babysitter will pick C-man up from practice and make him shower and get ready for bed. Because, oh yeah, Beerman is gone again.

In other news, C-man went to 5th grade today. The only positive things he could manage to say about it were:

  • Gym is on Mondays
  • We get iPads
  • I get a locker

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