June 16, 2016

Better days ahead

What a miserable couple of days. Yesterday, I went in for my steroid injections into my SI joints. 2 shots and about 10-15 minutes they said. Right. 8 injections, almost two hours, and a lot of bruises later... It was painful then, and it just aches now. I think I've been so tense, sitting through meetings, that my head really hurts too. I really need to go home. Except I won't. I'm off to a baseball game that my kid isn't even playing on. Sigh.

Speaking of my kid, he got re-casted yesterday. The swelling in his hand went down, so they gave him a brand new pink cast. And then one of the idiots on the baseball team wrote marijuana on it. We turned that into a row of flowers. C-man was annoyed with the kid.

So here's to tomorrow being better.

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