June 24, 2016

Working for the Weekend

  • We are down a Chromus in the fish tank. Mr Pickles is suspect #1, but so far is mum.
  • I rode a bike around work today in the sun in between meetings. That made me very happy.
  • I'm hoping to get some hosta planting and book reading done this weekend.
  • C-man's cast is so loose, he can take it off. We're going to get him a new one on Monday.
  • That means he'll have this next one for 2 weeks. Gosh, it's been nice to have him get new casts throughout this process. It's so much cleaner and not so smelly.
  • THIS instagram feed makes me smile. Hard.
  • Stupid Brits. Honestly.
  • I'm really looking forward to my Friday night G&T. (smacking lips)

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