November 22, 2016

Holiday week

  • The Christmas cards are ordered. Ugh, I hate hitting print on these things. Invariably, I find a million things I want to change after I do, but whatever. It's done now. Maybe someday I'll have a family who does a nice photo for the card.
  • Who am I kidding. We are not the nice family photo card people.
  • The school has lice. Shudder. I already itch.
  • I was without my computer for a day and a half at work. Do you know what you can do without a computer at work? Jack shit.
  • C-man has forgotten to turn in his ski club information for over a week and a half. It's past the deadline. I told him to beg for forgiveness and turn it in today. I'm curious to see if his sad face did its magic.
  • Thanksgiving is this week. So I've got to get my cranberries.
  • But more importantly, I need to make my bee hive quilts so I can winterize the bees. I can't believe it's already time for that. I hope they make it.
  • And now, have a lovely week.

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