November 30, 2016

Sound bytes

This weekend is the first fake Christmas. Man, it's way too early for this. I don't know what I do or don't have for anyone. I have Friday off, at least, and can try to pull myself together then.

The breakfast options served at my work have improved a million-fold since we got a new kitchen. I need to stop doing this, but justify it by having a smaller lunch instead. Because seriously - egg in a hole? Yes!

This week has felt like the longest week where I keep beating my head against the wall. People can't be that dumb, right?

Last night was the first Jr Knights practice for Beerman and C-man. C-man was thrilled to be back at it with this group. I'm glad he enjoys it.

Beerman is slowly improving since the great tumble. He proudly showed me he could lift his arm over his head today. Progress.

At least the Brewers are picking up some new players. Trump may be our president in Spring, but at least there's something hopeful...

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