December 5, 2016


This weekend was full. Fake Christmas #1 (as dubbed by C-man) with my family. It's always nice. C-man, of course, had a total blast with his cousins and was sad to leave. Unfortunately, the leaving part took forever since the first real snowfall of the season happened. It turned our five-ish hour drive into over seven. Thankfully, we drove the truck and put it in 4WD and Beerman got us home safely.

So this is this year's family photo, minus a brother in law. Each year, everyone wants a nice photo. But then after I set it up, some hide making it look like I don't know what I'm doing, others complain it's taking too long, and still others think they're funny by being total asses. I gave up trying to get a decent photo, so went with what we had and said it was great. But I think I'm done taking any family photos.

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Rogers5 said...

I love our picture every year because it's the memories even with the big ass