December 29, 2016

The ski trip that wasn't

Monday, we drove all the way north to go skiing at Whitecap. The temperature went from 38 to 3 overnight, which meant by the time we got on the hill on Tuesday, it was straight ice. By our second run, and after several falls by each of us, even C-man, we called it quits. I had a dream o fBeerman breaking his leg the previous night, and I wasn't about to let it come true. The hill gave us a comp ticket to come back. While I understand they can't control the weather, I was pretty disappointed they didn't tell us this before they sold the tickets in the first place - especially when they were already comping people as they were coming off the hill. I know everyone raves about the place, but I think it'd take a whole lot for me to go back again, especially when I learned the other hills in the area didn't even open because it was too dangerous.

But, determined to have fun anyway, we bowled, ate good food, played games, Foosballed, went to a wild animal sanctuary, tubed, and laughed. While it was the ski weekend where we didn't ski, it was still a great time for everyone. And now, we relax and enjoy the last few days before the new year appears.

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