December 12, 2016

More Rando Stuff

  • I've taken over C-man's fantasy football teams. I got some guys off waivers to replace his guys who are on IR, and scheduled my team. C-man had me put in two different guys,and both scored zero. So these teams are mine now. All mine. Look out Fantasy Footballers, I'm winning the rest of this year!
  • After we got 7.5 inches of snow, C-man and I decided to go sledding. I'll never understand the parents who go and don't sled, but stand at the bottom of the hill directly in the way of where you're trying to race to. When I muttered something about old people, C-man was sweet enough to point out that most parents aren't crazy like his mom. I took it as a compliment.
  • The new generation of pokemon are coming out tonight. I have to take C-man to wrestling practice. I guess it'll give me something to do while he sweats it out. #catchemall
  • I made the work card that's going to go out from my peers and me. We're mimicking the Brady Bunch. I hope it turns out.
  • I ended up being pretty pleased with this year's Christmas Card. And now to begin thinking about next year's card...
  • I weighed myself this morning. C-man went down 2 pounds. A week of wrestling and 2 straight days of skiing will do that to you. I did not wrestle or ski. Holy balls... I guess it answered if I need to do any holiday baking.
  • Speaking of holidays. I should probably start buying presents. We have a family Fake Christmas #2 this weekend!

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