May 5, 2009

3-3 on 5-5

Today is my 33rd birthday. A day I've been convinced for a couple of decades I'd never see. And after this past year, (which I can firmly put down in the books as one of the most trying, difficult, painful years of my life for a gazillion reasons I don't feel like pouring out in a random blog on the internet) am I glad to see it really arrive! So what now? Because I'd never really planned for life beyond 33. And I plan everything. Which is what makes this day so damned great. It kind of feels like everything in front of me is Claritin clear. A wide open door. An oyster. Whole world in my hands. Or whatever other bad metaphor you want to attach to it. This year is mine, suckers. So look out. ************************** 33 things I love when I'm 33

My family Budding trees Driving over bridges Big snowflakes on my tongue Breakfast with eggs, bacon and pancakes Amazing shoes Dogs Spy movies and books Good smells – especially lavender or coffee Digging in my herb garden The ocean Taking pictures with my Nikon D90 Hearing “I love you” from someone I love back Crème brulee Hot shower or bath where nobody bothers me (is that one or two?) Completing a puzzle in the newspaper Wearing fuzzy socks Sliding down the slide with C-man Coffee with real cream Sunrises Warm chocolate croissants Salvador, Bahia, Brazil Sunday mornings Flamenco music Getting the mail Watching my child sleep Traveling to another country Voting Belly laughs Eating outside in the summer Knitting Picking up rocks that have been smoothed by the water A really good massage

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