May 15, 2009

Wine Country - Day 1-ish

We got to B and T's house in Healdsburg last night and had a great time. They've got enough wine in this house for a small crowd to be drunk for 2 years without leaving their house. And I'm not exaggerating. It's unbelievable. She gets a 30% - 50% discount on everything everywhere because she's "industry". (Which is funny, because if Beerman walked into Busch, we suspect they'd throw him out ASAP, not invite him in and then give him a discount). So we're going to do the wineries today, a redwood park for lunch to hopefully drop a geocoin in a geocache there, and some general laziness. As a result of yesterday's overindulgence, I started my day with a 2-mile run. (Which, by the way, I find it so strange that Californians don't smile and say hi to each other in the street. I know I'm Midwest, but seriously? I'm running, you're running, don't you at least give the two-finger wiggle? Or at the very least, not look down to the pavement when you pass each other?) The first mile hurt bad, but I was really proud of myself to keep going. I think I sweated out most of yesterday's wine, at least. ******************************* These are in backwards order, but I'm on vacation and don't feel like turning them right. So you'll just have to deal with it. The roses are in full bloom and fabulous. Beerman can hardly stand it. A visit to Rombauer, EJ's favorite winery.
Beerman checking out the amazing Rombauer view.
Having my bubbles at Chandon
9 years ago, when Beerman proposed to me in a limo, he had a bottle of Chandon in the car. So we thought it fitting on our anniversary to start here. And Beerman's "hilarious" joke was, "So this is what it tastes like!" (That day 9 years ago, I was so nervous, I slugged the whole bottle.) It was a beautiful place to start.
Heading out of the airport
Crossing over the Rockies. We can't tell if it's Montana or Idaho.
We sat next to Michael Turner. Apparently he's a stud back for the Falcons. Or so Beerman tells me. We thought we should leave him alone and not ask for an autograph. But I couldn't resist a photo.
On our way

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