December 30, 2014

Ski bums

After celebrating our last Christmas of 2014 in Chippewa Falls, we grabbed C-man's cousin and headed to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to go skiing. We started with a lesson - one for the boys and one for Beerman and me. And then we started up the hill on our own. I was so impressed with myself - we closed down the hill two days, and I was still able to go. We hit all the easy runs, had too many kiddy cocktails in the ski in lodge, and ended with an intermediate run.

Unfortunately, we woke up to -23 degrees this morning, and had to make the adult decision to not ski today. So after a pizza breakfast, we made the long trek home - 4 hours of which the two boys spent discussing who they would select for their fantasy football team. But boy, were they happy kids.

I had planned on taking photos of the boys skiing today, but because we didn't go, I don't have anything outside of my phone. Such a bummer. I guess we'll just have to go again next year.

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