December 26, 2015

Saturday Seven

  1. We saw Creed last night. It was the best movie I've seen in a long time. (But I'm admittedly kind of a big Rocky fan)
  2. C-man and I went to Hope House today so he could donate his money. It was very sweet.
  3. The neighbor brought over her annual Christmas Cookie tin. Of course, the peanut blossoms are already gone. Dang. I love those.
  4. I bought a mini Keurig for my office at work. The insert said they'd send me two boxes of K-cups. I registered and then got an email telling me if I purchased 4 boxes, they'd send me two. Total ripoff. I use the reusable cups.
  5. We rebooked our ski vacation. The runs are somewhat open, and there's supposed to be a storm coming our way on Monday. Come on, snow!
  6. The lack of power the other day stressed out our new fish, and we're fearing either a fungus or parasite. Sigh... Which means medical treatment and 4 full weeks of quarantine.
  7. Tonight is Rocky IV. I can't wait.

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