December 15, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

  1. C-man has had 5 ski events cancelled so far this year.
  2. I'm worried my bees are going to eat up their stores too quickly.
  3. I may have to drive north and see how they're doing, and if they need supplemental food.
  4. I think I'm whittling down on the Christmas gift list yet to purchase, which is nice.
  5. Except for the second guessing if I've gotten enough.
  6. Now it's time for the wrapping.
  7. Why can't we just hand people unwrapped gifts? It'd be so much nicer.
  8. Beasley and I have become a little addicted to Project Runway.
  9. Okay, Beasley has become addicted to lying on the bed getting his belly rubbed while I watch.
  10. Today is the 25th anniversary of losing a dear cousin. It hardly seems possible.

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