December 6, 2015

St Nick's

This morning, we woke up and exchanged St. Nick's presents. I wasn't feeling particularly happy, but something about St. Nick's always makes me smile. And today did not disappoint.

Beerman got me a bird feeder and put up my squirrel feeder with some fresh corn. He got ski socks and chocolate from me. C-man got a new ski helmet, some chocolate, and football cards.

But it was C-man's gift that took the cake. He gave us money. Now, I'm not thrilled with getting money from my child, especially when I know it's most likely my money. But  it had a note for each of us to donate it to the two charities he knows we love. The kid wants things all the time - video games, a hover board, new jerseys... and he gave it to us to give to charity. My heart melted. I'll put the money in his bank account and donate, too, but just won't tell him the bank account part.

It was exactly what I needed today. I'm incredibly thankful for his heart.

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Mary Z said...

This is one special young man - who obviously has very special parents. Thank you for raising such a good citizen!