December 22, 2015


This may, very well, be my last present to wrap. And I could just cry. There has been the teacher's gift, the bus driver's gift, the dog walker's gift, the babysitter's gift, the nieces, the nephews, the in-laws. There's been the work party gift, the ugly ornament gift, the sugar cookies for school, the St. Nicks gifts, the Pickle gift. And that doesn't even touch on what I've shopped for and wrapped for C-man and Beerman.

And I'm just really tired. I've tried to put into words all the things I'm tired of this season, but it just makes me feel worse. So I'll leave it at this - When juxtaposed against the media's images of happy and supportive and loving Christmas gatherings, I'm just left cold. Maybe the best decision is to skip it all next year and be a hermit. At least then I wouldn't be so disappointed by it all.

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