May 16, 2016

Only 4 days to go.

  • I'm off the sugar again. After my Lenten fast, I got back on it while on vacation. And lately, with the appearance of chocolate and donuts and other sugary things that I find I don't even want, I've realized it's time to go cold turkey again. So there you go. Officially done again.
  • Upon reflection of my birthday party, it was still pretty awesome and exactly what I wanted. That's a really nice feeling.
  • I blew through the second season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. That show makes me smile. I guess now that I'm 40, I like old people shows. Just as long as I don't start watching Jeopardy.
  • C-man has a practice and two games this week, but nothing at all this weekend. That's sort of tremendous.
  • Only four days until the weekend. I can do this.

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