May 12, 2016

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Beerman picked up his truck yesterday. According to C-man, this purchase may have been our best decision. Ever.
  2. We have a baseball game tonight, of course. At least it's okay weather. I'm just praying they don't get slaughtered like last time.
  3. Well that, and that C-man swings the bat. He's lacked confidence lately, which is weird, because until a couple of games ago, when he was still swinging, he was crushing it.
  4. We've officially moved my party from the biergarten to the local park so we can heat it. Stupid weather.
  5. Beerman has been working hard on putting together some adult games for us, though, so it should be good.
  6. I'm working on getting us tickets to at least one Notre Dame game this football season. I don't know why I haven't done this before. I think C-man will like it. He loves seeing games in new places.
  7. Brazil got rid of its president today. And it's got rampant Zika. Oh boy, this Olympics is going to be something...
  8. Speaking of the Olympics, have you seen the American uniforms? Holy awful. Are we sailors? Pirates? Just can't decide how many layers to wear? At least the track uniforms are cool.
  9. I sold my first bottle of honey yesterday. I've gotten tired of people asking if they can buy it. So I figured, what the hell. I'm done giving it away.
  10. I realized today that I'd started a photo book of our vacation, but never finished it. At least I got that done.
  11. I'm really tired of hurting. I have an appointment on the 27th with a rheumatologist. I just can't do it anymore.
  12. And um, no. Just no.
  13. Only 2 more days until my birthday party. Cross your fingers for decent weather!

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