May 2, 2016

So it's Monday

  • I went to see my bees yesterday. All four hives are alive. Although Caroline's hive (one of my two survivors) is quite small. I saw brood, though, so they're just not building up. I hope that changes now that the weather is turning.
  • It makes me feel a little better about there being so much pollen in the air and my lungs, though. At least it's good for the bees!
  • C-man doesn't have a game until Thursday. He has personal practice on Tuesday and team practice on Wednesday, though.
  • C-man's coach is also the league president. Now that he's got access to my photos, they're showing up on their Facebook and Instagram pages. It's nice to have them put to good use.
  • I've got a birthday coming up this week. But more importantly is my party on the 14th. I looks like we've got at least 50 people coming. It's always stressful worrying you're going to have a party and no one is going to show. At least we don't have that. Now to pray-cross fingers-knock wood for good weather!
  • I'm so glad Game of Thrones is back. The spoiler-not-spoiler is just proof that they're ahead of the books now, though. RR Martin would never follow so obvious of a storyline.
  • In other news, only 4 more days of this work week to go!

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