July 25, 2016

Stuffity Stuff

  • Ellie, the 16 year old dog we've been sitting for since Thursday night, goes home tonight. C-man is sad.
  • At least she got to stay an extra night because her owner's plane was really delayed. And since C-man was gone Saturday and Sunday, he was really thrilled to be able to sleep with her last night.
  • I grabbed 17 frames of honey off two beehives and am going to start extracting them tonight so I can put them back this weekend. I purchased 24 new frames (3 honey supers), and it still wasn't enough!
  • That should be over 50 pounds of honey.
  • I hadn't intended on taking that much honey from them, but since they need the space, I didn't have much of a choice. Now to find enough bottles!
  • I was trying to be nice and rescue the couple of stragglers left on the honey frames in the totes I was taking home. One stung me in the leg. It must have been like the Alamo - she felt she was going down one way or another.
  • The other day, a beekeeping show was on PBS. My phone blew up from all the people letting me know. That was awesome.
  • Everyone is complaining about this heat, but I'm loving it. I remember January!

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