July 14, 2016

Thursday Thirteen

  1. C-man's cast is off. Let's all hope it's a while before we ever see one of those again. (I'd prefer never)
  2. He has football camp next week, so it's a good thing.
  3. Beasley and I found a Pokemon in our back yard this morning. It was a dog type, of course.
  4. We've been biking a lot of miles to find Pokemon at night. I really love that.
  5. I have my hair in a pony tail today. I dislike the whole pony tail look, especially at work. But this humidity is unrelenting. And a lion mane only looks good on lions.
  6. I really need to get up to see my bees and determine if I can pull off some honey. The thought of the drive makes me reluctant, though.
  7. I'm making some travel to go to New Hampshire and Maine in August. I'm planning on seeing some people I know while there, and it's quite exciting.
  8. I've never been to New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine. So it'll be nice to knock those three off.
  9. I submitted a photo of Beasley to the Humane Society again. I doubt it'll win, though. I didn't realize until too late that the deadline was yesterday, so had to do a quick submission. At least it's a funny one.
  10. I got a massage last weekend, and my back has hurt ever since. I don't think it's supposed to work like that.
  11. Beasley has decided eating when we give him his food isn't his thing. He chooses to eat it at a later time when we're not looking. What a quirky dog.
  12. I've got two books I need to read, and haven't picked up. I'm hoping to get on that this weekend.
  13. The weekend. It's coming. Hurray!

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