July 8, 2016


My rheumatologist called me yesterday to inform me that I'd only received lidocaine during the last hour and a half session of needley torture to diagnose whether it would work or not. Hence, the three days of bliss followed by a return to the pain.

What the wha?

So now that we've confirmed it worked, would I like to do it with steroids or go to a spine surgeon? Gee, let me think... So now I'm back to the needles, except this time I know what I'm in for. I guess on the positive side, I have confidence it'll work. So that's something.

I'm so sick of doctors. As Beerman said when I told him the story, "This is why you fired him the first time!"


In other news, watching the news and seeing what is happening makes me feel physically ill. Anyone who can question the rampant racism across this country, or that there is a systemic problem with those who are currently in power, is not paying attention. And people need to stop with the hashtag all lives matter. It's offensive. White privilege is real, and we need to stop acting like it is equal to the problems imposed on others. Instead, let's fix what really does matter.

Love more, people. It's not that damn hard.

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Mary Z said...

Well said. I'll quote you, if that's okay.

I hope this round of injections does the job for you. Surely he could have let you know the "first time" was only a test. Sheesh!