July 7, 2016

Thursday Thirteen

  1. C-man got mad at me last night because I made him go to bed before Beasley.
  2. I had to update my health insurance, informing them that C-man is still my kid. Let's all think about how stupid that is for a moment...
  3. Now that it's the official second-half of summer, I'm really committed to embracing every moment of it.
  4. I've also gotten a lot better about uploading my photos to an online storage site. With all the photos I take, I can't bear the thought of losing them all.
  5. I think I have all of our appointments finally made - eye dr, cast dr, pediatrician signature for football, groomer... yikes.
  6. Our change jars are overflowing, so I'm trying to use them up for my daily coffee habit. It makes me feel like I'm not really spending any money that way.
  7. I've been pretty good about my goal to read a book a week. It's turned out to be more like a book a weekend, but whatever. It fits.
  8. As soon as I'm done, I take the books to the Little Free Library in the local park. That way they're not in my house, and other people can enjoy them. Every time I take a new book, my bike basketful of them are usually gone.
  9. My back is not improving since all those steroid shots. What improved is as good as it got, which probably means that isn't the solution. Damn.
  10. Since I got my warm milk frother, I've really been enjoying my morning cappuccinos. So delicious.
  11. The news of the police shootings make me so ill. When will this madness stop? The only positive thing I can say is that my 11 year old child is also appalled. That is where I find my hope.
  12. I've been sleeping terribly this week. I am looking forward to the Saturday sleep-in.
  13. Only one more day of work. Ahhh...

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