February 5, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. There is no wrestling this weekend, and it feels strange. Odd how it so quickly became a part of our weekend routine.
  2. The kids wrestled before the high school meet on Tuesday night. They were in their shirts and socks, so we decided to get a team photo. It took all of 5 minutes to get all those kids organized and the photos taken. Pretty impressive.
  3. We get Beasley one month from today. It seems so far away.
  4. I need to get him a new bed.
  5. C-man thought it should go in his room. But then he realized he'd have to clean it and thought that wasn't such a good idea.
  6. I got the medium coffee instead of the small. My ulcer hates me, but the rest of me is quite happy.
  7. Beerman is at Cider Con today. I wanted to ask if he had to dress up like his favorite cider, but then figured that joke wasn't that funny. Except I'm still giggling about it.
  8. I think I may take a University of Minnesota beekeeping class this year. Marla Spivak is the bee whisperer, and it would be really nice to take a class with her.
  9. The problem is it is in Minnesota until 5 p.m. on a Sunday, which would mean taking a Monday off. Hmmmm... Decisions....
  10. My taxes are done. I have to file Wisconsin by mail because we have private school tuition. Which means I'll get a paper check for the refund. Lame.
  11. I'm torn about getting the private tuition tax deduction. It's dumb, but I'm not about to turn it down.
  12. I've had some big shakeups at work this week with reporting structures. Funny thing though, is it's happened so much, it doesn't even phase me.
  13. Valentines is coming up soon. Oh crap.

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