February 26, 2015

Thursday Thirteen

  1. Why, when you ask someone to take your picture, do they often cut off your feet and leave a huge amount of sky? Are they not looking at what they're photographing?
  2. One week from today, Beasley arrives. I'm so excited.
  3. C-man really wants him to sleep with him. We'll see what Beasley thinks of that plan.
  4. C-man is still considering whether or not he wrestles at regionals. I just learned that it's held on his birthday. That may change his mind. Or maybe not.
  5. I got my hair highlighted last night. It always amazes me how many compliments I get the next day. Either she does a great job, or every 8 weeks is way too long to cover up the gray hairs!
  6. The bee posts from more southern states are really ramping up in the forums that I'm a part. It makes me really anxious to know what's happening in my hives.
  7. No wrestling this weekend means I'm sleeping in and taking photos of non-wrestling things. That'll be nice.
  8. I have been getting a lot of headaches lately. It's been unusual, and I'm trying to figure out what is causing them. A trip to the chiropractor helped, but hasn't solved things.
  9. The urge to change the school wrestling Facebook page daily is ridiculous. I am only allowing myself to change it once a week.
  10. It has improved my PhotoShop techniques, though, which is great.
  11. I have an all-day work meeting tomorrow. I'm trying to be optimistic, but anything that goes all-day is hard for me.
  12. C-man likes me to put in his contacts for him. When I got annoyed with this, he put them in with no problems. Stinker.
  13. But it make me realize I need someone to do these types of things for me. Time to start buying lottery tickets.

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