February 24, 2016

Another day of stuff

  • I passed my health exam at work today to earn a $500 credit on my insurance.
  • Their scale weighed 3 pounds heavy. I know this, because C-man compares the official wrestling scales to ours weekly.
  • Due to Lent, I'm not eating sweets. I've lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks.
  • I am craving sweets hard, though. I mean, Scrooge McDuck swimming through a room of Cadbury Eggs hard.
  • C-man is going to be a National as his baseball team this year. He wasn't happy because he didn't know anyone. But now, of course, he has learned he knows about half the team.
  • Did we ever have any doubt?
  • He is going to miss a couple of practices due to wrestling overlap. And then there's Spring Break. Oh well.
  • Did I mention he's registered for football already, too?
  • Still no official word on our place in Fiji. It sounds like the death toll continues to rise and electricity is sporadic. This could be interesting.

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