February 2, 2016

Ten Things on Tuesday

  1. Supposedly we have the weekend off wrestling. I was thrilled.
  2. Except Beerman is coaching a beginners tournament on Sunday.
  3. And C-man declared he wants to go somewhere on Saturday, because he can't possibly take a weekend off.
  4. Today is the day of the 'big' storm. We're going to get a measley inch. What a disappointment.
  5. C-man has strongly encouraged me to binge watch The Flash to catch up to where he and Beerman were. It was a tough job, but I managed - Season 2, episode 7. Boom.
  6. I loan money via Kiva.org. Today, I got a thank you from a woman in Georgia (the country, not state). I love that.
  7. Beasley was totally grumpy today. He didn't want to wake up, and was audibly sighing at things. What a funny dog.
  8. C-man still doesn't have much of a voice since his sleepover extravaganza on Saturday.
  9. I think he has a bit of a cold, but the crazy weekend sure didn't help.
  10. How is it only Tuesday?

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