August 22, 2016

Catching Up

  • The weekend was mostly nice. I cleaned the house. We got school supplies. We Pokemon-ed. I finished my honey bottling.
  • School supplies. Holy balls. $200 for a public school 6th grader on top  of the $120 of fees I had to pay for who-knows-what just for him to go to school. So much for not paying tuition anymore!
  • Pokemon. We spent a few hours at Lake Park, which is Poke-heaven. At least I got my walking done.
  • At least that was the case until I got C-man's sickness yesterday afternoon. I got called out of work Thursday to pick him up because he threw up. And it took until yesterday to really kick in officially. At least I knew where the Lake Park public bathrooms were from my old days of working out there in the mornings!
  • My honey is all bottled up. I got 51 pounds of honey this time around. Everything is cleaned up and will get put away tonight. I'm hoping that's it for the winter now, and whatever they make moving forward, they can keep.
  • Tonight I have to pack, because I'm heading to New England tomorrow for the week. I've never been to New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine, and will hit all three. I'm excited.
  • I'll miss C-man's run out onto the high school field on Friday and scrimmage on Saturday. Somehow, I'll manage.
  • In the meantime, I'll work through my Monday while C-man plays with seals and sea lions at the zoo all week.

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