August 25, 2016

The capitol game

Yesterday, I left Maine (after checking out the beach and Kennebunkport) to get to Massachusetts. Today, I had to drive to Vermont. Somehow, I can explain the geography of random states in Brazil, yet still can't wrap my head around having to go through New Hampshire to get to Vermont. (I swear it was the other way!) But I eventually did get to Vermont, and had to pee because there was a load of construction and I'd had too much coffee. So I stopped in Montpelier. Which made me laugh. Because who didn't think that was one of the best cities when you had to memorize the capitols as a kid? So, of course, I got out to see the state house. Kind of a disappointing building, all things considered. Lots of Ethan Allen statues and cannons lying about.

But, after work in Burlington, I headed further north into Canada. I'm spending the night and tomorrow morning in Montreal. Because I've never been. And really, why wouldn't I take the opportunity while I could?

I really do love seeing new places. I can barely sleep it makes me so happy. But to sleep I must. Because there's nothing on TV I understand, and I've got some walking to do tomorrow!

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