August 17, 2016

Hump Day

  • I registered C-man for public school yesterday. Well, he was already registered. It was really forms and fees day. I'm not sure why they called it registration day. Things I'm learning.
  • I thought public school was free. But after having written several checks, I quickly came to the realization how wrong I was.
  • But now he has a locker with a combination. This is exciting.
  • Now I have to take him school supply shopping. It's a long, long list. So much for public school being the cheaper option!
  • I'm supposed to be traveling for work next week, but it's starting to fall through. I really want to go on this trip, because I'm supposed to see some friends! Not to mention, I've never been to Maine.
  • I'm still biking a lot to hatch my Pokemon eggs. Best thing to happen to me this summer.
  • C-man thinks Noah's Ark was the best thing to happen. We all have our things, I suppose.

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Mary Z said...

I hope your trip to Maine works out. It's a lovely state - you'll love it. There was a "young" (in their 50s) couple on our trip from Waukesha - nice folks.