August 6, 2016

The road to slow down

My vacation is winding down to its end. It's really hard to say that, because it's been such a great week with C-man. We've talked, we've sung, we've biked, we've ridden water slides, and we've circled the state. And it's been so great.

C-man is at that age where he is still my baby, but also so independent. I know I won't have those two things for long, so I am really holding on to these times he wants to spend with me now. He's my only child. The only one I'll ever have, which means this is it. The first and the last for all of these experiences for us.

I have never been one to want things to slow down or go backward, but having this week be a slow focus on him has been just what I needed. What we both needed, really. I'm incredibly thankful for the time. It's a week I think we'll both remember for quite a while.

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