August 26, 2016

Montreal adventures

I started this morning in Montreal. I went straight to Notre Dame to get that churchy thing out of the way. And wow, was I impressed. Out of all the different churches I've seen in the world, I'd put this one in the top three. I just sat there for the longest time, in awe. The blue was so amazing. And it didn't smell like stinky incense. I absolutely loved it.

But knowing I only had 6 hours before I had to get moving on. I strolled through Old Montreal, seeing the shops and watching everything come to life. This city has a really nice, creative vibe about it. I liked it a whole lot.

But then, it was time to move on. And, apparently, get in an accident. Ugh. It was stop and go traffic in a construction area on the East side of Montreal, and a giant bearded man rear ended me. A giant bearded man who only spoke French, I quickly learned. Ugh. The bumper is dented. Everyone was fine. He was quite nice, even with his limited English. But ugh. Seriously - I was in another country. What does one do in an accident in a foreign country? Do you need to call the police? He gave me his info. I took pictures. I called the rental agency and they told me I could move on. So it was minimal. But what a fricking drag that is going to be to return.

So anyhow, after that, I plowed ahead. Through Vermont. And then through New Hampshire, where I landed in Concord for the night to meet up with a friend.

And, of course, because it seems to be the trip of capitol cities, I had to get my shot of the New Hampshire capitol building before bed.

And tomorrow, it's back to Maine to see another friend before I head home. It's been a really great trip filled with adventures. That makes me so happy.

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