April 16, 2010

More randomness, because it's as creative as I get today

Sunset from Gaborone Yacht Club, Gaborone, Botswana

  • I'm getting a haircut tonight. I love the days when I know I'm going to get my hair cut. I think it's because it gives me hope I might look good one of these days, and maybe just maybe, that day is tonight.
  • I always forget to pay the car payment.  I don't know why. It's just one of those stupid bills that doesn't allow auto-pay, and everything else in my life is on auto-pay so I forget about it. This morning as I was remembering to pay it, I realized I should just pay the damn thing off. There. One more way to simplify my life. And oh goody, I have a dirty minivan to show for it.
  • The news this morning reported that 89% of avowed Tea Party members are white males who make over $50,000 a year. I can't possibly be the only one who is scared totally shitless by that statistic.
  • My back doesn't feel great, but it's certainly much better than where it was.  I'm going to try some remedial yoga classes this weekend to test the waters. I've got to be able to start doing something soon, or I'm going to go out of my mind!
  • After dinner last night I spent an hour reading Matterhorn in my hammock chair outside in the fabulous weather. While there, Beerman brought me out a cup of tea with a Sprungli truffle.  Dear God, it was an amazing hour of my life.
  • Matterhorn is a pretty great book.  It's quite long and about the Vietnam War, which I've never before had any interest in, but I've been finding it pretty amazing and well written.  I wake up at night thinking about the characters and what an incredibly crap, no-win situation they were in.
  • C-man has already asked if we're geocaching this weekend. The child is an addict. The good news is I'd anticipated that, and picked out some kid-friendly ones out to go do (since I'm sure we'll have the neighbor kid with us again).
  • I'm thinking of combining the geocaching adventure with a picnic this weekend. I love picnics, and even though it's not supposed to be super-warm, I think it's time to start them up again.
  • We're volunteering at the Audubon Center this weekend as a part of a work thing. I don't know what Beerman is more thrilled about - giving up his Sunday morning, having to wear a matching maroon Kohl's shirt, or having to spend 3 hours digging fence post. The good news is that after our shift, there's a big earth day celebration at the center we go to each year that C-man likes a lot.
  • Did I mention I'm getting my hair cut tonight?


Indigo said...

That photo is amazing! I think it's common to be excited about the haircut, I always am because it's only time I don't have to deal with my hair. :)

I see you have Belong to Me on your bookshelf. I haven't read it, but I have this thing for books with boots on the front cover. There's a lot of them. I am pretty sure that I checked it out from the library though, renewed it a zillion times, and then returned it.

I haven't read Matterhorn, but I'm really enjoying reading memoirs and non-fiction lately.

jon said...

Geocaching sound like fun.