October 23, 2013

So I've got that going for me

  • I still haven't heard about my MRI. But my doctor is in India this week. And I have an appointment with him next week. I'm guessing as long as it isn't terminal, I'll find out it's nothing then.
  • C-man has school photos today. Oh, how I hated school photos as a kid. I don't see the same angst in him. In fact, he was going to wear a Packers hat out of the house until I stopped him with a dire warning of hat hair.
  • Beerman still has a job. This is major cause for celebration and relief after some worrisome memos went out earlier this week.
  • Stupid work. I need to win the lottery. Guess that means I should play.
  • I'm flying to New Jersey tomorrow. I sort of asked to do it, because it's an amazing opportunity for this project I'm on. I'd just kind of hoped I'd get to go to New York or DC for that group, not NJ.
  • Hampton Inn and your glorious biscuits and gravy, here I come.
  • My life is so glamorous.
  • Speaking of glamorous, I'm undeniably sick. My voice is raspy, my throat hurts, my head hurts, and I've got that gross pallor about me. Definitely not awesome.

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